Alright it’s 11:30 and I just got home so we’re gonna do this quick and dirty. The kendama I bought about two and a half months ago has worn down significantly. I say that, but there’s a noticeable waxy coating on the ball that sufficiently protects it from dents and major scratches. But it’s still […]

My first issue of Foreign Affairs popped in the mail today. Buying a physical subscription of a magazine this year was one of the strangest decisions I made in December 2016. Print media has for a while been slowing down in favor of the more immediate access of website news and social media, and it’s […]

I wonder how long I’ll last with Fire Emblem: Heroes. So far, FE: Heroes has been pretty well and good, grinding up my heroes to level 40 while scrounging up whatever feathers I can find. I have six level 40 heroes as of tonight: Ephraim, Julia, Ryoma, Effie, Camilla, and Hana. They were particularly easy […]

This is about setting a routine. lul.

I was supposed to be asleep about an hour ago. It’s hard, really, to change up your sleep schedule. My trip last year to Toronto was similarly rife with my refusal to adjust to a designated sleep schedule. I stayed up until 2 in the morning most nights since I never bothered to adjust to […]

My backpack is heavy. It reminds me of when I was in middle school, or even high school. I’d shuffle between classes with an oversized backpack, which held all of my textbooks. Of course I would eventually use them, but barely. And with great pain to my back. Or, I think so anyways. I don’t […]

How much Danbo merchandise do I own? The answer, at this point in time, and probably for eternity until I either expire or become incapacitated, is “not enough”. Action figures. Keychains. Mugs. Assembly kits. Slips. Postcards. Portable chargers. Even a functional, authentic cosplay. If it’s possible for me to obtain it, I’m sure as fucking […]

I got around to watching Seiren and Little Witch Academia today. AGDQ also started. I went to the farmer’s market down by the port for some handmade mugs and Asian goodies. Today was a good day. I mostly want to talk about Seiren today because, well, at some point I have to talk about anime […]

I take 8 pills a day. Tomorrow that will to go up to 9, then a few weeks later that will increase to10, then 11, then possibly more, then possibly fewer. I have two separate pill dispensers for the ones I take in the morning and the ones I take before bed. I refill them […]

Today, I took a walk. One thing that you must know about me is that I usually do not go outside of my own free will. Rather, I would stay home all day. I could be reading. I could be surfing the Internet without purpose, or refreshing Twitter and then refreshing Twitter again even though […]

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