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After 10 months of playing Fire Emblem Heroes, I have come to the conclusion that gacha mobage is unholy.

Everything will be okay.

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Grandpa so moe im gonna die

18if centered around a man named Haruto, who travels into the dreams of girls afflicted with Sleeping Beauty syndrome, a fancy terms for people in comas. The twist is, whatever happens in their dreams sometimes affects reality, as a consequence of the experience they went through while awake. Or sometimes they create an entire world […]

I invite everyone with a blog to participate in the 12 Days of Anime project for 2017. 

• In the bookstore, asking a worker for directions to the “japanese kids comics” • When the kid’s dad at Parents Night tries to clarify if you actually said “lollipop” • When you’re aiming for the pinata and are impressed by the effectiveness of using children’s voices as sonar, then asking to rent one out […]

The beginning started out great. At about 7pm, I peeked from across the hallway onto the lecture hall doors for HSSB 1139. I did not even think about going in immediately. After all, it would be impolite of me to open the door to a room by which I have no idea what’s inside (since, […]

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