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Monologue: As I approach the classroom for my first anime club meeting…

The beginning started out great. At about 7pm, I peeked from across the hallway onto the lecture hall doors for HSSB 1139. I did not even think about going in immediately. After all, it would be impolite of me to open the door to a room by which I have no idea what’s inside (since, […]

Monologue: I’ll write my anime thinkpiece after I finish my third rewatch of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

I mean come on, Colonel Mustang is roasting Lust as we speak.

I Hijacked 12 Days of Anime, Sorry (December 11, 2016)

Just Do It.

Monologue: I’m sorry to inform you that your taste in anime is not gay enough.

If you would just sign here…

Monologue: I am the one with the One Punch Man limited edition fitness towel.

Come at me.

Monologue: Questions of Yuri, Kuma, Yurikuma, and Kumayuri in Yurikuma Arashi

Yurikuma Arashi has yuri, kuma, and arashi. Let me get this straight for all you motherfuckers who just don’t get it.

Monologue: No One Must Know That I, Sinon’s Butt, Am In Fact Alive.

This is not the booty you are looking for.

Monologue: I’m just a goddamn red balloon.

Let’s not blow me out of proportion, here. 

Monologue: A waifu speaks out about her husbando

This is an excerpt from appropriant’s upcoming documentary film, titled “What The Actual Fuck Were You Smoking: And Where Can I Get Some”.

Monologue: I’m the Male Best Friend, motherfucker.

I’m talking to you. Yeah, you over there, Protagonist-san. Mister main character. You’re an asshole.

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