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Monologue: No One Must Know That I, Sinon’s Butt, Am In Fact Alive.

This is not the booty you are looking for.

Questions of Empathy and Emotional Unavailability in Aldnoah.Zero

In the midst of an interplanetary war and massive casualties, Inaho is the only person who remains unfazed by, well, just about everything that’s happened so far. We now expect Inaho to one day explain himself, and I cannot help but feel a bit insulted at the thought.

Operation “My Favorite Things”: Childhood Is Over (Ano Natsu de Matteru)

Even if Mio admits her love to him, Tetsurou is in love with Kanna, who in turn is in love with Kaito, who in turn is in love with Ichika. Simple enough to digest and understand, but is it easy to resolve? Can a love polygon be solved without resorting to a strategy guide or breaking the structure? According to episode 10 of this anime… yes. Many times over, yes.

Obviously there’s spoilers for Ano Natsu de Matteru up to episode 10, so nyeh.

Questions of Transparency and Self-Worth in Golden Time

I’m hooked on this manga and the anime isn’t even out yet. WHY? WHY, OF ALL TIMES?

Operation “My Favorite Things”: Nakamura “rapes” Kasuga (Aku no Hana)

A middle school girl, Nakamura, is waiting for Kasuga in an empty library. A day before, she had pushed him into his crush’s bosom and demanded that he write an essay describing how the experience felt.

Drinking Sorata’s Delicious Tears in Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

It’s been at least a week since Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo ended, but I suppose I can write about my sparse experiences and feels when watching this anime.

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