12 Days of Anime 2019

Source: Ascendance of a Bookworm

12 Days of Anime will begin in a few weeks, and I invite everyone to participate. Forgive the late announcement because I’ve been swamped with last-minute assignments and essays for the past few weeks, but rest assured this event is still happening as scheduled.

Source: Hitori Bocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu

What is 12 Days, you ask? It’s an aniblog tradition that gives bloggers and anitwitter the opportunity to write 12 posts about anime that have impacted them this year. It could be a top 12, or merely posts acknowledging the merits of certain works. It’s not restricted to TV anime, and it is not restricted to anime movies. You can talk about anime, period. I can say from experience that Fire Emblem: Three Houses is very much Extremely Fucking Anime. Pokemon Sword and Shield are so anime that they already have an actual anime airing right now. Manga and light novels are not banned from discussion, either.

So as long as you think it relates to the theme of this project in any fashion, I’ll accept it. I can’t stop you anyways, but at least you’ll have my approval. I, benevolent God of 12 Days of Anime that I am, will gladly welcome any and all takes, hot and cold, as well as the lukewarm.

Source: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

I suspect that, since the 2010s will be over in less than a month, most posts are going to be a retrospective of an entire decade of anime. I know I’m going to write about it. I’ve personally been seriously following shows on a weekly basis since the late 2000’s, so the overwhelming majority of anime I’ve watched comes from the 2010’s. There are quite a bit of shows that I want to talk about. But of course, there’s only so many one can go through in a reasonable amount of time. I’ve taken the time the past few days to think about 12 things to say about my favorite anime of the decade, or at least 12 things that I liked about anime in this decade. The cool thing about this project is that I’m only asking you to write anything. And I’m not exempt from that.

Source: Mob Psycho 100 II

Still, an entire decade’s worth of anime, or even a year’s worth, is enough to inflict choice paralysis. Here’s some ideas of how you may format your 12 Days posts.

  • Top 12 of 2019 (can also be of the decade)
  • Top 12 Memorable Moments in Anime in 2019 or the decade (this is my option)
  • 12 experiences this year related to anime that are important to you
  • 12 things to be thankful for in the past decade
  • 1 post for each apostle of Our Lord and Savior Digital Jesus Kirigaya Kazuto
  • Fire Emblem Three Houses but every post is just lots of Edeleth fanart with no credit for each artist.
  • Videos of Poke Camp shenanigans.
  • The same picture of Snom every day.
  • The same picture of Raihan every day.
  • The same picture of Sonia every day.
  • The same picture of Nessa every day.
  • The same picture of Bea every day.
  • The same picture of Melony every day.
  • The same picture of Marnie every day.
  • A 12 post investigation in search for the near mythical existence of hetero fanart of Marnie.
  • 12 10-hour videos of the Chika Dance
  • 12 10-hour videos of the toothbrush scene
  • 12 10-hour videos of Koyasu ASMR

And others such.

Source: Fruits Basket (2019)

Interested in joining and want to sign up? There isn’t really a sign-up sheet, but you can document your activity on a public spreadsheet. All activity for the 12 Days of Anime are recorded there, so if you are having trouble thinking of ideas for posts (though how can that happen after I gave you all those wonderful options to think about), you can find stuff from previous years.

Click here to access the spreadsheet

Good luck to everyone! Be sure to share this as much as possible so that we can gather as many people as possible. This is all for fun, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to express how you feel about the year and/or decade in anime.


  • It’s tradition to start on December 14th, with one post every day until we reach the 12th post, coinciding with Christmas Day.
  • You are not obligated to complete the challenge. The point is to see ourselves in retrospect and share those feelings through words. Maybe expression is easier through different means.
  • The spreadsheet isn’t meant to be a contest, but instead a log. This page will merely be one of many years to come, and it’s your opportunity to be part of it.
  • Be sure to link back to this post so that I can see and possibly share it with my own followers on Twitter. (@appropriant)


  1. Yay. I’m so happy the 12 days are back this year

  2. Reblogged this on The Animanga Spellbook and commented:
    Well, the post explains itself – we’re in for round 3 this year, so join in if you think you’re up to it.

  3. Think I’ll give it a shot. Have to decide which blog to do this for, tho XD

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  5. Hey, I’ll join in too and spread the word.

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  7. I’m in. https://wordpress.com/post/summerfoovay.wordpress.com/225 Well, if I can figure out how to do anything on WordPress that is. But yea, fun! And thank you.

  8. This sounds interesting. Hopefully I can make time to participate (=

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