12 Days of Anime 2018


Source: Persona 3 the Movie 4: Winter of Rebirth

I invite you to join me in the 12 Days of Anime project for 2018. This is the spreadsheet I’ll be using to keep track of everyone’s posts, so please contribute if you’re participating.

The goal is simple: have a post ready for the twelve days leading up to Christmas Day. The posts tend to center around twelve separate things you found notable about the anime/manga/stoof you watched this year. That’s basically it. I’m not looking to disqualify anyone over technicalities like whether the show aired this year or if you’re even going to write about a show for one of your posts. If anything, I welcome any form of variety. If you truly do have a question on something though, either comment here or reach me by twitter (@appropriant).

[Asenshi] Amanchu! Advance - 02 [A45015F3].mkv_snapshot_03.25_[2018.04.26_15.05.50]

Source: Amanchu! Advance

Personally, it’s been a weird year for how I’ve ended up watching anime. Getting a Crunchyroll premium membership on my iPad kind of killed my motivation to download shows and thus it also killed the amount of screenshots I’d usually generate over the year. Having fewer screenshots meant that I wasn’t as eager to share my feelings about episodes on Twitter. And having fewer thoughts on Twitter meant that I ultimately kept a lot of my impressions on this year’s anime to myself. And given my real life circumstances, I had to be less active on social media. So there isn’t a lot out there to share. If I have anything about the aniblogging/tweeting community that I regret not doing enough of, it’s certainly this.

[AU] Batman Ninja 1080p.mkv_snapshot_00.05.24_[2018.04.28_23.43.48]

Source: Batman Ninja

The 12 Days project, thus, helps me at least have an excuse to talk about what I watched. It also helps me, more importantly, to remember what I talked about. Having not posted about anime the entire year, I’ve discovered that I retain very little about the shows I’ve watched if I’m not writing about them. And it’s not like starting now is going to magically get me writing consistently again; a turnaround in my writing motivation isn’t what I want out of this project. It is, of course, just a project. You establish the goals, you do the work, and you’re done. Published out into the ether (and to my spreadsheet where others can read them).


Source: The Seven Deadly Sins

That’s just an example of what you can get out of participating. Those of you thinking about participating can join in for any reason you like. In my eyes, it’s more content and the bare minimum I expect out of every participant is content. Do you want to do a top 12? Some thematic piece for your favorite anime for each day? Memes? You could even mix and match. Hell, you don’t even need to talk about anime (even if it says 12 Days of Anime). Manga, American animation, Jay Arr Pee Gees, and others such can also be written for the 12 Days project. Take me, for example. A good month and a half of my time was spent cooped up in bed and playing Persona 3 which I now am addicted to and need help for. That motivated me to look into Persona 4, Persona Q, the Persona 3 movies, and then obviously Persona 5 once I get my hands on a PS4. I woke up to play Persona, ate while playing Persona, and slept after playing Persona into the morning. Persona persona persona persona social links social links social links social links

[Asenshi] Yagate Kimi ni Naru - 02 [A33B7A71].mkv_snapshot_03.03_[2018.10.18_10.44.05]

Source: Bloom Into You

So that’s enough about me. If you’re interested in joining in and seeing others work at the same time you do, come join the spreadsheet. I’ll always be around to respond on Twitter and any updates will most likely be on Twitter. Anitwitter is basically the reason why my blog has been hibernating for years. Look for me on Twitter.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a very stressful 12 Days of Anime because I know most of you aren’t going to write jack until the night before the post is supposed to be up. Best wishes :D




  1. […] 12 Days of Anime 2018 by appropriant from Perpetual Morning – It’s back for another year! I’ll be doing it again, seeing as talks to go somewhere over the holidays didn’t work out. I’ve already got some really good puns thought out for a few post titles …here’s hoping I can think up some content that matches how good the puns are. […]

  2. Hey PerpetualMorning
    I’m thinking of joining in on this but I had the idea of writing about a different western cartoon from my childhood that has left an impression that had stayed with me over the years for each day. I know it doesn’t exactly fit in the ‘in the last year’ part of the rules but would this be okay?
    I’m very new to the YouTube scene (at least as a creater) so would appreciate any and all feedback.

  3. So to Join I just add my details to the spreadsheet?

  4. […] to the spreadsheet if anyone else wanna join or see who else is in on this… Here it is also, here’s a link to the blog-post explaining the […]

  5. Looking forward to doing this again. Trying to come up with more interesting blog posts this time around haha

  6. Reblogged this on LitaKinoAnimeCorner and commented:
    ALRIGHT FELLOW BLOGGER PEOPLE !! Time to spread the word around this wonderful ass community of the joy of the 12 days of anime. A joyous time where bloggers write about their favourite moments from this year regarding not just anime, but manga, tv series, dramas whatever comes out of our random brains from 14th December up until 25th. You do not have to post every day, you can do one massive post, the key here… TO HAVE FUN !! Now my amazeball bloggers that I know you are, go SHARE the crap out of this and get the ball rolling to end 2018 a year of some amazing anime !!!

  7. Hello! Greetings from Ty of Watashi wa bucho!! I would love to take part in this challenge once again, so sign me up! Looking forward to reading your entries!

  8. […] the initiative of Perpetual Morning, I will be participating in this year’s 12 Days of Anime. For those unaware, this is an […]

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