So the new Sword Art Online is going to adapt the entire 10 volume arc.

0yuThFB - Imgur

I’m going to be seeing the hour-long first episode this Saturday, which is a month before the show actually airs. The theater is already 75% full at this point, with the venue probably reaching capacity (962 seats) by the date of premiere. I don’t know for sure, but I’ll probably be taking notes while watching. It honestly would be a lot better for me to wait until I can get screenshots so that I’m remembering everything correctly, but since there’s so much time between this premiere and the air date I’m not left with other realistic options.

As forΒ why I’m going to see it… well. Most of you know why. I started out with a passionate hatred of the show when I watched the first season, which wouldn’t extinguish all through the second season either. But that was all back in 2014, and I finished writing about my experience in 2016. I lost any reason to talk about it after that, and true to that I’ve been silent about SAO for two years. And now the third season is about to start.

This is going to be my pet project for the year of 2019, for better or for worse. While I look forward to picking at SAO again alongside the rest of you, I’m starting to wonder if, like the GGO spinoff, it might be too decent to make fun of. It’d be pretty rad if that was the case, because the core of my frustration with the show came from underutilized ideas and settings. That would at least be a lot nicer to write about.

You know me. I’ll give it as much credit as possible. I’ll give it the most charitable interpretations I can think of. I honestly wish the show the best. But deep down I know it’s not going to happen. That’s why I’m going to write about it, after all.

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