6: Kira means killer in Japanese (Death Note)


[glass shatters]

Light – Ah! Hello?

[Some eight-foot-tall, demon-looking motherfucker turns around]

Light – [screams]Screen_Shot_2017_08_28_at_12.52.27_PM.0

Light – [screaming]Screen_Shot_2017_08_28_at_12.52.27_PM.0

Light – Help! Help me! Help! Help! [loud crashing]

Light – [screaming]Screen_Shot_2017_08_28_at_12.52.27_PM.0

Light – Holy shit! Holy shit!

Light – [shrieks]Screen_Shot_2017_08_28_at_12.52.27_PM.0

Light – What the fuck?!

Light – [whimpering]

Ryuk –  Shall we begin?

Light – [screams]Screen_Shot_2017_08_28_at_12.52.27_PM.0

Please watch the Netflix Death Note movie.


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