3/03/2017 – Nyanbo pt.2

Talking a bit more about the logistics of making a Nyanbo. One of the most expensive aspects of making an authentic adult-sized Danbo costume is the boxes themselves. A person with lower standards would suffice with simple corrugated cardboard boxes that happen to be close enough to the dimensions you need.As far as I know, congoers aren’t so much invested in the authenticity of your cosplay to do anything other than ask for your photo. I’d imagine that most things, as long as they are referenced, will warrant a photo opportunity. I wouldn’t have to use up so much of my time and effort to impress strangers.

I am not a person with low standards. I’m not satisfied with ordinary cardboard, nor do I believe that making a box out of plain sheets would suffice. Everything needs to be nearly proportional to the carefully sculpted figurine on my desk. It needs to accommodate for both the form I desire and the maneuverability that I would be comfortable enough with. And they all have to last.

I’m going to be applying the same principle to Nyanbo. To an extent. See, the double-layered cardboard box that matched my measurements had to be bought in bulk and transported here from Canada, which in total cost me nearly $250. Just the cardboard box. Just for the head. With that in mind, I think I can settle with making a box out of sheets this time around.

In fact, I don’t even need cardboard anymore. Nyanbo, as it is seen now, has pretty much lost its cardboard origins from Yotsuba&!.With that in mind, I could easily go for plastic. Luckily, that kind of stuff not only exists but also is readily available to me. Get some corrugated plastic, paint it the pattern I desire, seal it, and voila we have something that can potentially costs less than $100 total. I’ll have to research what kind of paint and sealant works the best on plastic, and that may end up being the most expensive part instead. We’ll have to see.


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