2/21/2017 – Fire Emblem

I wonder how long I’ll last with Fire Emblem: Heroes.

So far, FE: Heroes has been pretty well and good, grinding up my heroes to level 40 while scrounging up whatever feathers I can find. I have six level 40 heroes as of tonight: Ephraim, Julia, Ryoma, Effie, Camilla, and Hana. They were particularly easy to level up because, of course, they’re five/four star rarity. It took me a while to realize that it’s only worth leveling units that are four star and up past the 20 mark, because that’s the benchmark you have to meet in order to ascend them to the next star. 

It’s been a while since I started up a mobile game and been as invested in one as with FE: Heroes. I’m not particularly surprised that I’ve stuck with it for this long. I unabashedly love the franchise, warts and all, ever since FE7 hit American shores back in 2003. I’ve gone and played every localized title since then, plus the wide variety of ROMhacks you can find online (Elibian Nights, GhebFE, Last Promise, and Mageknight404 come to mind). The sheer variety of unit compositions and RNG blessing/screwage made the experience highly replayable for almost all the games I’ve played.

Let’s do a favorite unit tier list. Everyone loves those.

Sword of Seals:

  1. Fir
  2. Ellen
  3. Lugh
  4. Miledy
  5. Dieck 

Blazing Sword:

  1. Rebecca
  2. Lyn
  3. Hector
  4. Lowen
  5. Legault

Sacred Stones:

  1. Tana
  2. L’arachel
  3. Ephraim
  4. Joshua
  5. Gerik

Path of Radiance:

  1. Soren
  2. Jill
  3. Rhys
  4. Gatrie
  5. Nephenee

Radiant Dawn:

who fucking cares they all turn out broken

Shadow Dragon:

Who even remembers this one

Heroes of Light and Shadow (an English patch exists):

  1. Merric
  2. Linde
  3. Luke/Rody
  4. Palla 
  5. Caeda


  1. Morgan
  2. The Other Future Babies From The Darkest Timeline
  3. Who even cares about Gen I units they’re trash


  1. Oboro
  2. Takumi
  3. Hinoka
  4. Kagero
  5. Azama


  1. Elise
  2. Effie
  3. Niles
  4. Beruka
  5. Laslow

fite me



  1. hey, we have the same top 3 in Blazing Sword. Sain would be my number 4 instead of Lowen, which is really comes down to preferring Sain’s personality in my end. My Birthright choices are also similar, I’d probably remove Takumi and slot Rinkah down at the bottom. Sorry, these aren’t really fighting words. I’ll try harder.

    Lugh sux

    1. you opinion on lugh doesnt matter because magic is broken in that game

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