1/8/2017 – Seiren, and Intimacy

I got around to watching Seiren and Little Witch Academia today. AGDQ also started. I went to the farmer’s market down by the port for some handmade mugs and Asian goodies. Today was a good day.

I mostly want to talk about Seiren today because, well, at some point I have to talk about anime on an anime blog. Actually, I have other reasons too. I usually don’t watch omnibus romance anime like this, or Amagami, or Kimikiss. Probably because they didn’t catch my attention like, say, Toradora did with its more vibrant and colorful cast. In comparison, I’ve already forgotten most of the characters’ names in Seiren immediately after watching its first episode. But that doesn’t make it inherently bad.

Last year, I was struck by the idea that very few anime actually got as intimate with their relationship pairing as Akagami no Shirayukihime. While the Hibikes and the YoIs is chock full of subtext and borderline obsessive fan engines to imagine the possibilities, Akagami wasted no time. They kissed on camera multiple times. They held hands for more than two minutes. There was a hiccy and boy did they show it. I don’t know about you people, but that’s kind of hot. Most anime I’m familiar with, especially the ones that are more on the ecchi side of things, tend to be rather dramatic about the girls and guys throwing themselves on the MC. Like, full-on “this would not be acceptable in real life but it’s fiction so it’s spicy” behavior. So when a romantic pairing actually has some quiet time with each other and, well, be really intimate to the point where I’m slightly uncomfortable looking at them even though they’re not, like, naked and stuff, it gets my attention.

So I’ve taken a interest in watching Seiren for now, because it seems to revel in the kinds of relationships that I would like to see more of. Those more sensual, intimate and physical types of relationships where you’re still young and kind of horny and going on field trips in coed hotel settings without any parental supervision. Where the bubble protecting you from real life responsibilities hasn’t popped yet so you’re given the freedom to fret over stupid things, like high school romantic mating rituals and love letters and talking casually about how you thought deeply about the lingering warmth that your crush’s butt left on your desk. Talking about the gays, and the furries, and God knows what else the kids are talking about these days. 

You know, casual conversation. Anime usually doesn’t delve much into casual conversation. It may come off as a bit much right now because it’s been such a long time since I’ve really had any good conversational dialogue in anime besides, say, everything about Kumiko in Euphonium S2. And hey, maybe if I go back and watch stuff like Amagami and Kimikiss, I may have a newer and probably more forgiving perspective on how those kinds of stories operate, and the kind of tone they’re going for. Sex. I’m talking about sex.



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