1/6/2017 – Walk

Today, I took a walk.

One thing that you must know about me is that I usually do not go outside of my own free will. Rather, I would stay home all day. I could be reading. I could be surfing the Internet without purpose, or refreshing Twitter and then refreshing Twitter again even though I’ve found nothing noteworthy to respond or retweet, then proceed to refresh Twitter again. You know that feeling when you open the fridge, find nothing you want to eat, go back to your room, and then go back and open the fridge again? Something like that. I want to move around, and I want to feel like I’m doing something. But that manifests into doing pretty much nothing.

So today, since I did not feel like going to the gym in the afternoon and since the construction work outside my house was being obnoxiously loud and smelly, I put on shorts and a light shirt, my cell phone and my Bluetooth earpiece, and my Gamboy Color with Pokemon Silver, and went out.

Playing and walking were easy enough. I was in the middle of a nuzlocke run and I needed to grind like a motherfucker before even considering getting into the Elite Four. So most of my time walking was basically also biking around Victory Road with an Exp. Share slowly gaining experience the hard way, back when the Exp. Share only gave Exp to whoever held the device and even split the total exp between the two Pokemon. Not like how it’s used now, where the same total amount of exp is shared between all Pokemon in your party. Between that and a whole bunch of other minor tweaks, I’m starting to appreciate the Sun/Moon gameplay a lot more. The more recent are game certainly a lot easier, yes, but at the same time the earlier games were only hard because of the numbers. Shaving off time uselessly spent grinding your Pokemon to their desired levels made Sun/Moon a lot more enjoyable in that aspect, though the games certainly come with new flaws along the way.

As for the actual walk itself, I took a right once I got out of my neighborhood and onto a major street. Past the community park and the golf course was a part of town that I’ve never actually set foot on. I’ve driven past that portion of town many, many times in order to get to the freeway, but I never bothered to see exactly what I was passing. I had known that the area was mostly Latino communities, but the stuff past what I saw on the major street remained a mystery to me until I actually went over to see for myself.

What I saw were a lot of closed workshops, mostly manufacturing related like cars, wood, fences and such. There were quite a bit of convenience stores as well. Most stores sold cheap goods or were of convenience variety.

The homes that I did see past the market were low income in the most obvious sense: no walls, old wooden fencing, no garages, and I’m pretty sure most of these front doors did not have a working lock. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the place has a lot of thieves, it just means that there’s really nothing worth stealing in these people’s homes. Or that people are considerate enough not to steal from each other. Maybe that could be a thing too. I’d have to ask around to know how this part of town works. My neighborhood is a classic suburban neighborhood, one of the older ones to be honest, but it’s certainly more well off than what I was seeing that afternoon.

The library was open only four hours a day and closed on Fridays. I didn’t even know the place had a library, and that my junior college comes all the way to this part of town to tutor sometimes. I may pay it a visit during open hours sometime.

And then I came home and did nothing else for the entire day.

I would like to think that I did something useful today, with that walk into the Latino neighborhoods near the freeway. And that I got myself a good enough workout speed walking all the way there with a game boy in one hand and a phone in the other. I’m pretty happy about it, honestly. I’m pretty sure that’s the only thing that matters right now.


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