Day 5 – Under the Dog

I am satisfied with my purchase.

That’s about as basic as I can be about the fact that I backed this project. I’ve seen it go up and down in priority due to the project management’s creative differences, its difficulty actually doling out any of its rewards, and the fact that its director, Masahiro Ando, was concurrently working on Akagami no Shirayukihime with this Kickstarted anime obviously being the lower priority of the two. I was pretty worried that this would end up like Mighty No.9, which was a massive disappointment in its own right, but for the most part the end product came out as I expected it to, and it definitely met my expectations.

I think this anime did a lot right. It managed to communicate a lot of information about its setting in a small amount of time, creatively I might add, and it served its purpose well: get me interested in more. 80’s style schlocky violence isn’t much of the norm these days, and neither is understated and vague plot lines, but I’ve always been entertained by any work by this director and the action choreography, which I firmly believe to be his specialty, definitely did not disappoint. There’s just an uncertainty about whether this anime will actually get more stuff for it. But hey, if Little Witch Academia can get enough of a Western audience to warrant a Netflix deal and a TV anime, then perhaps I can have my hopes for this little project to continue on for some time as well.

What, were you expecting this post to be a lot more thorough in critique, or perhaps I could be a lot more personal about how it’s bleak 80’s outlook on humanity basically makes it the same kind of nuclear energy lost generation cautionary tale that Akira was, and how I feel similarly to how there was a cut-out plan for me to succeed, and now we’re working to fix all of the damage that this kind of upbringing caused me? I mean, I could, but I’m also behind schedule. So this is all you get. Under the Dog met my expectations . I have no qualms with how it turned out. It gud


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