Sword Art Online II Ep. 20: i have no eyes but i am cry

Episode 20: The Sleeping Knights

  • More like “Put you the fuck to sleep nighty-night”
  • Zekken’s actual name is Yuuki and runs a guild by the name of Sleeping Knights. In this party, we have one representative of each race you’re allowed to choose from in ALO: Salamander, Sylph, Spriggan, Undine, and Hufflepuff.
  • id rather join hufflepuff i dunno about you guys
  • you can immediately tell by their meticulousfleshed-out, three-second introductions that they’ll be characters worth remembering and investing your time in. I’m putting my money on Hufflepuff. He sure seems like a stand-up guy so far. I wonder if he likes reading and long walks on the beach. Does he cook his own meals? He looks like the kind of stand-up guy who would use only the highest grade of olive oils for his sautes and feed me forever with delicious French-style cooking and allow me to develop needlessly complex headcanons for someone with perhaps only five lines of dialogue for the rest of the story but WHO CARES IT’S FUCKING HUFFLEPUFF
  • The guild’s goal is to defeat a floor boss with just their guild, and need Asuna’s help to make it happen. This is because the names of the party who beat the boss will be recorded in-game as sort of a permanent hall of fame. As for why it needs to be just their guild, if more than one guild is responsible for killing the boss only the guild leaders’ names appear.
  • But defeating a boss with seven people doesn’t sound as cool as beating them with one Kirito.
  • But wait.
  • let just shoehorn in the fact that you normally need 7 groups of 7 people to defeat a floor boss
  • thats like 49 people
  • divided by 7

  • Look at how brave they are! Such courage!
  • Huh. Still sounds a bit underwhelming, honestly. Seems more like something you’d cross off a bucket list rather tha- wait a minute.
  • Their ultimate dream is to have all their names on a memorial. You know what else goes on memorials? Dead people.
  • and also they have a limited time to do it. You know who else has limited time? People who are going to die.
  • They mention that they’re all part of some community. I dunno the significance of that. Just throwing that out there. But the fact they don’t feel comfortable sharing what kind of community it is doesn’t sound very non-deathy.
  • oh also the camera does this shit when they’re talking about it:

  • is this seriously an actual bucket list
  • i was actually joking about zekken needing to die but please let it be true
  • Last episode had me worried it wouldn’t go back to stupid territory but i can already taste the salt. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad about that, honestly. Obviously you guys are happy about it because that means more suffering on my part but w/e.
  • The conversation gives Asuna some flashbacks about a time where she didn’t dye her hair teal. That or she’s just really drunk.
  • Just talking to these people gives Asuna flashbacks about when she’d plan out raids in SAO, as if every other time she’d raided with friends didn’t already do this. Wasn’t she already part of the lead group when she got her Perfect Waifu house?
  • Is it because she’s in a new crowd? I doubt it. That would make sense if these players were new to raiding and boss fights, so that Asuna can be reminded of how she was basically forced to learn the game the hard way, but it seems that they already know how to raid. So I’m pretty lost about this. NEXT.
  • Eventually Asuna agrees to help the Sleeping Knights tackle the next floor boss by themselves. However, since this is SAO, we need to ask why Kirito isn’t invited to this party. Yuuki answers that Kirito wouldn’t be fit for the job. Why? Because he read too far ahead on our script so we’re keeping him out until that information’s relevant to the story.
  • So you mean
  • You actually made an excuse to keep him out of the story for a while
  • We’re talking about the Kirito here
  • Out of the spotlight?

  • Nothing at al-

  • NoTHinG aT AlLLLl
  • Apparently this is what happens when you’re disconnected. It looks even more nauseating and harmful to your health than the 3DS’s 3D function. Why would anyone who’s tested this technology even consider keeping that in?
  • Soon after we’re greeted with a groggy shot of Asuna’s mom holding what I think is meant to be the ethernet cable that connects her AmuSphere to the internet but the cable actually looks like a regular headphone jack.
  • This is very much meant to be an unsolicited and sudden invasion of privacy by the mother but this just appears to be the hilarious equivalent of your own mother, in an attempt to keep you off the internet, click-dragging the Internet Explorer shortcut into the Recycle Bin. That would’ve been much more realistic, don’t you think? But whatever, we’re here now.
  • A month has passed since that dinner conversation? So, she heard about Zekken, logged out and had dinner, and then proceeded to do nothing until a month passed and she finally meets Zekken? What the fuck?
  • Asuna’s mom is duly concerned about how late Asuna is and is probably justified in yanking the cord, but Asuna behaves as if her mother just violated her. I mean, I’d be cranky too if getting disconnected felt as unpleasant as it’s being shown in the anime, but that’s not something you can blame the mother for. That’s a fault of the Amusphere’s design, which Asuna fails to consider.
  • I’m sorry guys, the dialogue between Asuna and her mother is far too well-written to make fun of. Let’s get back to serious mode for a second.
  • For example, Asuna tells her mother that the alternatives to yanking the cord are to- and I’m not even exaggerating here –shake her or shout in her ear. Even though the last time her mother tried this exact method it took and additional five minutes for her to wake up. What the hell made Asuna think that her mother would try that shit again, especially when she was so against the technology in the first place?
  • In fact, does she honestly think any parent would be happy to see that their incapacitated child is skipping out on real life responsibilities by dicking around in cyberspace? Given her circumstances, this might actually be true. Not that I’d expect this show to go any further with that line of inquiry though.
  • As much as I am led to believe that Asuna’s mother is being portrayed as the bad one here, the look of surprise on her face when Asuna apologizes for her insolence is telling of how much Asuna’s mother puts up with. It’s a nice touch that’s sympathetic towards the mother, and demonstrates the show’s understanding of how parent/teenager relationships play out.
  • Once that discussion is over, Asuna’s idea of a tantrum thanks to her restrictive upbringing is to force her fancy automatic closet door open and sit in a playground.

  • I swear to god if that snowflake does what I think it’s gonna do

  • i have no eyes but i am cry #howdeepis2deep
  • MEANWHILE ON THE INTERNET, Quiz time! Do you remember how SAO establishes how powerful any minor character is? Correct, with a line of dialogue! No need to actually see if they’re strong. That would be soooooo booooooring.
  • And now bam here’s the boss room. Good thing we commented on how easily we went through the dungeon before we got here so that we could establish how powerful we are!
  • But wait! Let’s add some more conflict first! To which Asuna conjures magical fishies to break these guys’ stealth. Look at how surprised they are that this spell even exists!
  • I’ve never don PvP in ALO… It’s exciting!” Well, as long as she’s excited it’s fine I guess. I just wish that excitement can spill over into my viewing experience once in a while.
  • Turns out they’re not really looking to fight but are instead waiting for their guild to come, and then send off the Sleeping Knights with a shit-eating smirk. Right. I would’ve preferred they duke it out here to be honest.
  • Not sure if actual floor boss or a Pixels reject
  • See, as long as I wait at least two eternities to update I can makes these references willynilly.
  • Sure this boss has two heads but the real question here is: does he also have two shafts
  • I’m guessing no, since it’s this guy that ended up in the dungeon.
  • After getting their asses handed to them, Asuna later deduces that the group from earlier was collecting information for their own guild’s raid so if they don’t hurry they’ll lose their chance to fight the boss. What I’m confused about is how their battle, which apparently was spectacularly bad, became the catalyst for this guild to bumrush their way to the boss room. It’s not like they learned anything new from this group, right? There must have been countless other groups that tried to fight the floor boss before the Sleeping Knights did, and if no one figured out the boss’s attack pattern yet why would they bother trying to face it now?
  • Also, it takes this fucking long for anyone to figure out the boss’s attack pattern.
  • I’m not convinced that this guild is here purely to ruin the Sleeping Knights’ day, despite being this rude. They (and we) don’t know why this group is so desperate to finish off the boss by themselves, so they could have at least tried to communicate about what should be done. Because all of this trouble is over some fucking text on a virtual monument. It’s so easy to just say “hey man all that we want is to get our names on the leaderboards could you at least let us try to beat the boss i mean hell we’re not even interested in the rare drops you can take them after we’re finished” and everything would be resolved with this group. Done.
  • Like, I doubt that this guild would actively try to ruin their day even if their excuse is anything short of “I have cancer” or some shit. Hell, these people may as well have cancer due to how desperate they are to memorialize themselves.
  • Please don’t actually have cancer that would be far too good to be true.
  • Buuuuut
  • Noooooooooooooooooooo

  • i mean it all just to animate a nice fight scene but srsly
  • you dont have to do this
  • you can still talk this out

  • are you
  • is this what all this is about
  • just so that Asuna can have a parallel conflict with her mother issues
  • they dont have to do this
  • this is really how far the story bends over backwards for this
  • i hope you’re happy
  • also please have cancer
  • Oh no!” She shouts, her pants digging further upwards towards her butthole. There’s a whole group of people in the tunnel to coordinate a pincer strike behind them. Oh no indeed! Let’s take a better look into the crowd and see what kinds of dangerous folk we’re about to fac- oh no.

  • no

  • no no no no

  • no please god no




  1. I have no excuse for this, really. But at this point I feel super-motivated to at least get the next episode done by this weekend, because that’s the last one I’ve actually watched and gathered screenshots for. I’ve heard nightmarish things about episode 22 and onwards, and I’m going to save myself until that point to have some fresh feelings about it.
  2. Given this, my desire to continue making posts about anime club, the Secret Santa project, and the 12 Days project, I hope I have enough will within me to finish all of it by the end of the year.

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  1. kirito jesus kun has come to repent for your sins

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