Monologue: Questions of Yuri, Kuma, Yurikuma, and Kumayuri in Yurikuma Arashi

Yurikuma Arashi has yuri, kuma, and arashi. Let me get this straight for all you motherfuckers who just don’t get it.

We are clearly shown that there are yuri and kuma. Some yuri are just yuri while others are under a yuri disguise and are actually kuma. The yuri explicitly keep the kuma out of their walled settlement for fear of being “eaten”, but are always on the lookout for kuma that are yuri. In this story, the kuma manage to infiltrate the yuri sanctuary of yuris anyways.

Did you catch all that? No? Well put on your training wheels, dumbshit, because I’m gonna dumb this the fuck down for you.

What exactly do I mean by being “eaten” by the kuma? Well, in case you didn’t catch it the first time, unlike everyone else in the universe, it’s been generally accepted that kuma disguised as yuri “eat” the other yuri. And when the yurikuma eat the yuri we are given lot of very pretty pictures of yuri, yuri, yuri, and honey, so we can guess at least that the kuma actually yuri the yuri. So the kuma infiltrate the yuri sanctuary of yuri to yuri the yuri. However, in order to yuri the yuri the kuma have to be put on yuri trial and be judged. Once judging is over and Life Beauty is done sucking Life Sexy’s honeydick for favoritism, the kuma transform into yuri-kuma hybrids, therefore obviously becoming yurikuma, and are thus allowed to yuri the yuri.

But they can’t yuri just any yuri. No fucking way, Jose. The yurikuma got here from being ordinary kuma to yuri yurikureha, the only yuri in this story so far that seems to yuri another yuri without being a kuma. What is it that’s so important about the yuri of yurikureha that the yurikuma must target her for? We’re told that unlike the rest of her peers, the yuri of yurikureha is real. That’s right, motherfucker. Her yuri for another yuri and the fact that they cultivate yuri together without having to yuri each other is a sign that their yuri for each other is more than just what the rest of the yuri are willing to accept, and thus this is attractive to the kuma, who thus want to yuri the yurikureha. I just blew your mind with that. Admit it.

But herein lies the problem. Everyone so far who wanted to yuri yurikureha have turned out to be kuma disguised as yuri, hence yurikuma. All interaction with yurikureha has been, to a degree, yurikuma on yuri. We’ve seen kuma yuri the yuri and kuma yuri other kuma, but with the exclusion of yurisumika, the object of yurikureha’s yuri if you’ve already forgotten like the dumbass you are, we’re left with just the yurikuma to desire her. You know what else? Some yuri that were established as yuri and have attempted to yuri yurikureha are shown to actually be kuma, but it’s unclear whether they started out as yuri have been kuma all this time. If that’s the case, are the kuma’s actions towards yuris and kumas actual yuri? Of course not! Are you fucking dumb? This is so obviously not yuri and you should feel bad for missing this crucial point.

Despite the yurimagery of licking yurey off of the yuri coming out of yurikureha’s chest, no actual yuri is present in this show. Yeah, I bet you didn’t catch that, asshole. This is all just the kuma’s understanding of what yuri is, namely kumayuri. Unlike actual yuri, kumayuri is corrosive towards the pure, upstanding pillars of what it means to be a yuri. Kumayuri is excessively physical, obsessive, even rapey at times. The yuri are time and time against shown as defenseless against the kuma and their acts of kumayuri. So I ask of you and whoever else has read or watching anything of the yuri genre before, are the kuma’s actions real yuri or just kumayuri? I think it’s kumayuri. If so, why is there such a distinct lack of real yuri in a show that’s so explicitly called Yurikuma Arashi? The fuck would I know, we’re just two episodes in! Give a man a break for once.

Perhaps that’s why yurikureha’s yuri for yurisumika is special enough for the kuma to come to this yuri sanctuary of yuri disguised as yuri. Perhaps the gao gaol of the kuma disguised as yuri is more than just to kumayuri the yuri inside the yuri sanctuary of yuri. It’s to understand the meaning of true yuri through the kumayuri of yurikureha as yurikuma. What about what happens in the OP? Does yurikureha join the kuma at the end, or do the kuma join her as yurikuma instead? Did yurisumika really get kumayuri’d by the kuma disguised as yuri? Are all the yuri in this school secretly kuma who kumayuri other yuri? So many questions! So many obvious answers waiting to be claimed!

We’d have to watch more episodes to find out exactly what yuri, kuma, yurikuma, and kumayuri actually mean for the story. Instead of, you know, rather than just exist for the chucklefucks out there to cling onto and espouse meanings about this show where there aren’t any.

God, I’m so good at figuring out this shit.



  • This show is so deep. In the pink, I mean.
  • And I haven’t even talked about how the arashi figures into this conversation yet, because it plays such a minor role in the story so far. Will we be seeing yuriarashi and kumaarashi? Or perhaps the story will get bold and show us arashikuma? Or even kuma yuriarashi!? I just hope they don’t take this show towards yurikuma arashi, though, that would make no sense. Well, I can see yuri kumaarashi and arashikuma yuri happening, but not that. The way this show portrays kuma, yuri, yurikuma, and kumayuri don’t really relate to the concepts that yurikuma arashi would stand for, so I wouldn’t stake anything in that interpretation. Because it wouldn’t fit into my own, you see, so it’s automatically wrong.


  1. Brilliant. I have nothing to add.


    Yurikumaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Yurikuma Arashi!

    1. I’m glad you recognize my genius

  2. Where we differ is that I think everything has meaning, let alone Yuri Kuma Arashi. Whether it’s unintentional or the meaning is simply “we want to be commercial”, even tripe like Absolute Duo means something in the end.

    The problem I’m having with this show’s fanbase is that they’re paying more attention to the creator than the show in terms of finding meaning in Yuri Kuma Arashi. Yes the direction helps, but substance-wise, what has the show given to justify going nuts over it (yeah there’s something about sex but it hasn’t gone anywhere interesting yet)? Once someone gives me a good answer beyond the aesthetics, then I’ll understand the hype.

    1. It’s less me thinking there’s no meaning and more like this show is taking its sweet time to finally get to the point. Things like “bears eat yuri”, “yuri ostracize each other for being different” and “the yuri become bears” are just clarifications of how the world of Yurikuma works. And while this sacrifices time to actually characterize its cast, I don’t have too much of a problem with that because it’s clearly meant to be setup. Character development may end up being nonexistent or minimal in this show for the sake of fleshing out what exactly this place is. And if that’s how it ends up happening, I might not have too much of a problem. It just needs to convince me that this yuribear world is, well, interesting enough for me to forgive it for its sacrifices.

      I just find it funny that I can truncate the terms of this show and my analysis would still make sense, and that’s the main thrust of this particular post.

    2. I hear you, Flaw. While I’ll admit that I do have fun analysing it, I don’t necessarily think it’s done much to deserve it yet. If Ikuni wasn’t involved there’s no way it would be getting the treatment it is. Also, the lesbian sex is symbolic of lesbian sex and the all the weird angular buildings are a result of the art directors being really into Solidworks.

      But yes, this is once again amazing Appropriant.

  3. ganymedeelegy · · Reply

    Yes, but how many yurikumas could a yurikuma kuriyuma if a yurikuma could kuriyuma kumayuri?

    1. the fuck is a kuriyuma

      1. ganymedeelegy · · Reply

        A metaphor for various things. Various Ikuhara things.

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