Anime Club Escapades: 10/17/2014

I seem to be back for another year at the anime club, and it looks pretty good so far (as it always does with the beginning of each year).

The club is under new management. Those of you who remember the times I mentioned Tomoe-san should know that he’s the new president of the anime club. Of course, along with the induction of a new president comes a slew of untested changes in an effort to spice up the club’s appeal. The entire pool of officers was switched out with younger, more willing members, as well as acquiring a new advisor who is more concerned with what we actually do in the club than our last one. Unfortunately, that also meant that our slightly questionable practice of watching currently airing shows didn’t fly anymore. We could, of course, use the club’s Crunchyroll account to watch those anime, but that still gets into grey areas because we’d be showing a paid account-exclusive stream on a public setting.

Not that this matters anymore, though. Watching currently airing shows is the last thing on the president’s mind when it comes to what we do during meetings.

Attendance has been reduced to biweekly meetings as well as being more focused on mingling (to a degree). Our first meeting consisted of announcements and an icebreaker before dispersing, though I do have to say that the announcements were of great importance towards knowing what was going to happen in the future. Now that we can’t be showing anime that isn’t technically “owned” by us, we’re accumulating a club library for anime to show during meetings. For example, we spent this week’s meeting watching Tekkonkinkreet and basically blowing everyone’s minds with those goofy assassin character designs and the Elephant of Symbolism. There’s also a bigger emphasis on club activities outside of watching anime and outside of things like going to Little Tokyo every quarter.┬áRaffles, cooking events, dinner meets, and t-shirt design contests were mentioned as some of the things they were going to focus on during the year, things we’ve done once or twice during my time as presidency but hardly something so consistent. Next meeting is also going to be hosting a Halloween party for all the friendless weebs who don’t like to party like grown-ups. It’s pretty ambitious when you consider the little time a college student has available to them and how time-consuming managing a club really is, but I think with the current staff I’m going to see some good stuff happening if I stick around.

On that note, it’s real weird devolving back into an ordinary member of the club when I spent the last two years on staff. Going back to spending a week’s worth (actually two in this case) of now knowing what’s gonna happen with the club is not only a bit problematic but also a bit saddening. I do miss being in the know about the club, but of course I am to blame for how little attendance we got with the previous year and the fact that I did not try hard enough to raise attendance in many different forms and fashions. What’s even weirder is how much more motivated I am to actually help the club succeed now that I’m not in a position of power. I have many ideas for the club that I’m not quite ready to share, such as my availability to help with tabling (basically promoting the club to passersby) and ideas for what to cook for cooking events. It all really comes down to me being willing enough to share my thoughts as a former president without worrying about the stigma of my own failures.

It’s truly kind of stupid of me to be all pumped up about the potential that I could have when it comes to bettering the club environment, though to be honest a lot of it has to do with not having to worry about responsibilities anymore. We somehow managed to oust THAT GUY without causing too much trouble and the new staff has set up new parameters regarding such people and expressed that they will not hesitate to ban anyone who was going to disrupt club procedures. It was a very simple task, and very easy to explain and execute, but it probably would have been impossible for me to completely follow through with that if I were still president. I have mentioned in an earlier account that I hesitated in outright banning THAT GUY because the entire situation was shitty in the first place and did not feel that doing something so seemingly drastic was going to do the club any good. Well, turns out it did the club a lot of good to finally be rid of him and I truly hope that he doesn’t come back. Perhaps a lack of empathy was needed to get rid of him? I certainly cared about the guy a lot more than the rest of the club, despite how big of a problem he was for the club’s well-being, so perhaps it was my own weakness that did the club in. Regardless, however, we are off to a fresher start now that both the new school year is underway and the problems of the past have been quashed for now. And now that I’m a mere member I should have the correct kind of context to offer some helpful advice. Though I still worry that my past mistakes would cause my future suggestions to lose weight.

Maybe that’s an unfair thought to have. Tomoe-san has been my friend ever since Freshman year and it’d be surprising for him to completely disregard my opinions on the club, even though I did fuck up the club a few times with my decision-making and general inaction. What’s also helpful is that fact that a few influences here and there from last year are nonexistent now, meaning that we no longer have to worry about opposing and loud opinions getting in the way of how fast the club does things. And really, I just sound really negative about the entire thing because I just don’t know where the club is headed. Will it end up being a flop like the previous years, with a new staff unable to hold the attendance of even 20 members? Or perhaps will there be more headstrong initiatives in the works, publicity measure to make sure people both stay interested in the club and in turn encourage other people to join us every two weeks? I’m pretty excited at the possibility, but I’m wary at the same time. If there’s anything I can do to further that vision, I’m definitely going to bring it up to the staff. Because that is, of course, the most I am capable of doing at this point.


One comment

  1. Anime clubs are an interesting thing. There are so many different kinds of fans that it is hard to please everyone. I probably would have also hesitated over applying the knife, so to speak, with THAT GUY. We always hope that people will realize that they are causing others grief and change for the better. But, ostracism is sometimes the only way to go.

    Hope that your club has a fun year of activities.

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