Sword Art Online II Ep. 11: The Rear End of Revelation

Episode 11: The Meaning of Strength

  • Yeah guys we’re still here. Chillin’ on Kirito’s lap.
  • Sinon is curious as to how Kirito can appear so composed despite killing someone (or two, or three). Given Kirito’s role in the story as a veritable Gary Stu, it’s apparent to me by now that Kirito holds all the answers for Sinon’s problems in life. So, as if aware of this fact, Sinon more than just lays herself at his feet and almost pleads for him to divulge the secret of being untraumatized.
  • Thing is, Kirito’s secret is that he’s always traumatized.

  • There’s a sense of unfairness to what Kirito is saying, however. What Kirito’s advice to Sinon boils down to is to accept that the event happened and remember it for the rest of your life. Which basically means that Sinon is being advised to do… absolutely nothing. See, she’s spent all this time doing exactly this, whether voluntary or involuntary, but her issue is that it’s the memories themselves that haunt her constantly while Kirito is merely burdened with the guilt of forgetting that he killed people. Hardly a relevant solution for Sinon’s trauma, don’t you think?
  • Besides, trauma is rarely alleviated with any one-step-wonder solution: I’d imagine some traumas take many years to fully get over, and that’s with professional assistance. Sinon has neither the time nor the resources here to actually be healed in a timely manner. However, given what this show is capable of, I have no doubts that Sinon will eventually get over her fear of guns soon enough after this particular conversation.
  • Are we out of the cave yet? No? Okay. We’re talking about Death Gun now.
  • Sure. Whatever you need to do. I’m gonna set the bar reeeaaaaaal low this time: give me something that I don’t know already. Starting now.
  • Whoever is wearing that cape is a real person…

  • It’s probably the subtitles that’s making this line sound a lot dumber than it actually is, but…
  • I seem to be accurate for the most part when I talked about how Death Gun was eager to go back to his player killing days from SAO. Sure it far-fetched as a realistic reason for going on a serial killing spree, but this is a rather basic story being told in an MMO. I’ve stopped looking for ways for the show to go above and beyond at this point and can appreciate the small things the show can give me to make my experience a lot less painful.
  • Ah, they’re starting the process of figuring out how Death Gun does his death guns. Bet you’re pumped for some awesome armchair detective work. That’s why we liked the first season of SAO, right? Because of Kirito’s ability to deduce from all the way back to episode 6? Oh boy, are we in for a treat.
  • “That exaggerated cross signHe’s probably trying to appeal to a large mass of people.
  • “at exaggerated cross sign… He’s probably trying to appeal to a large mass of peo”

  • “aggerated cross sign… robably trying to appeal to a large mass of”

  • “rated cross sign… appeal to a large mass”

  • “cross sign… large mass”

  • And if my previous post didn’t clue you into this already, all this time Kirito is thinking about Death Gun. And as if emulating a boyfriend/dad being strung along in a girl’s shopping spree, the anime is so bored out of its mind that it decides that Keeping tabs on Sinon’s butt is a right way to go.
  • Hell, Kirito’s thought process brings him to focus on Sinon’s sidearm holster as an inspiration to figure out why Death Gun chooses weird times to kill people. Since the gun isn’t there, however, we get this hilarious shot of Kirito’s gaze zooming in on dat ass.
  • It’s not even accidental, either, he’s actually looking at Sinon’s butt as he’s doing his thing! I’m having a hard time thinking that this was unintentional.
  • That black handgun.” It’s a handgun, but Death Gun ain’t black. Meaning there’s…
  • A reason he couldn’t shoot it.” I mean, why pop a cap in these wannabe gamer motherfuckers with this pussy-ass pistol when he has…
  • His rifle” But that shit ain’t Christian and you go to hell for dat, so in order to keep himself pure he needs to do…
  • That cross sign he made” in order to appease Lord Voldemort. Lord Voldemort then approves of your servitude and loans…
  • A cape that hides you” for a little while longer, but of course it’s set with a number of…
  • Conditions… Rules” but you don’t read them and accept all of it anyways just like when you’re playing-
  • oh my god.
  • Black handgun. Black Star.
  • A star has 2 + 3 points. 2 weapons, 3 overpowered skills: death spell, paralyzer spell, and invisibility cloak.
  • Three elements of unstoppable force on Death Gun, a villain whose character is completely hollow.
  • Meaning, Three Deathly Hallows.
  • Death means your life is shorted by more than half. Assume we round down at half.
  • Death is therefore less than or equal to 1/2 Life
  • 1/2 Life = Half Life
  • The sun will set at 20:25 on 2025 at Baiting Hollow, NY. This is the same year that GGO is created.
  • Hollow = 2025
  • Therefore,
  • Three Deathly Hallows = 3 Half Life 2025
  • 3 Half Life 2025 = Half Life 3 2025
  • Half Life 3 confirmed for 2025
  • Oh
  • My
  • Fucking
  • God

  • See, I can emulate Kirito’s deductive process, too.
  • To put it in a few words since I can’t be bothered to link all of the screenshots, Death Gun figures out player names and addresses by somehow acquiring personal information from the registration office. Then, he has one person in real life break into their houses to simultaneously kill them as Death Gun shoots them in-game.
  • I’m also not going to go into much detail about how Kirito figured out there’s an accomplice in the real world just by glancing at two lizards in the cave because that’s just about as dumb as you might imagine.
  • Y’know, I was liking this little dichotomy with the colors and all before they go waaaay too far with the saturation.
  • So how do they manage to synchronize this rather unwieldy maneuver so that it happens instantaneously? Well… it happens because apparently you can’t check the time without a watch in GGO.

  • You’d think this would be a default feature on the UI.
  • So I get that Sinon’s door has to be unsafe for the tension to rise to a sufficient level, but this ends up saying that Death Gun’s break-in strategy is conveniently stopped should just one goddamn target choose to completely lock down their premises. Hell, the whole plan is foiled if their target happens to not live alone!
  • Of course, that doesn’t stop SAO from glossing over those kinds of questions and instead dive head-first into some METAPHORS and the SKY TURNING A QUAINT SHADE OF TENSION-RAISING LAVENDER

  • That government guy then logs into ALO to explain to Kirito’s harem everything we already know. Aside from asking why he’d even bother going all this way and logging into a game to do this, I’m not going to bother going into much detail on what amounts to 6 minutes worth of Kirito’s harem getting their paychecks for the week.


  • Less than 1.5k words this time. Shows how much I cared about this one.
  • Still waiting for a chance to use this gif.

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