Sword Art Online II Ep. 4: You da Real Episode 2

Episode 4: GGO

  • Perhaps he only says that because guns are a ~realer~ threat to human lives than swords and magic, but the original Sword Art Online was literally a killing machine and you can argue for a concurring position about ALO. What I’m saying is, this line confuses me because killing people doesn’t make GGO, or any MMO for that matter, special.
  • The first thing Kirito does when he logs in is look at his hands. A decent callback to the other two times he’s jumped into a virtual game. Except for one thing.

  • Oh gurl. Gurrrrrrrrrl. You don’t even knoooooooowwww what you’re getting into here.
  • They made us wait this long for Kiriko. It’s in the promo art. The OP. All the goddamn fanart. I watched the previous two episodes only to get teased. And we didn’t have to get teased, either. We could have left episodes 2 and 3 for a later time and we’d still have a good idea of what’s going on.
  • Poor Kiriko, doomed to never look like a grayish-brown middle-aged gritty FPS hunk like the rest of us here in the West.
  • Actually, he’s doomed to never look like the rest of the people in this MMO. I get that they need to make the main characters stand out in appearance because durr hurr anime, but it calls into question exactly why Kiriko’s outfit looks so out-of-place, especially when you consider the type of gear needed for the game. You can argue this for Sinon’s outfit, too. What’s the point of standing out if it only raises the chances of you getting killed?
  • dat tales insert tho
  • Of course, since Kiriko looks like a girl, literally everyone in the vicinity starts hitting on him. Commentary on how girls are treated online, or just a wacky “oh no i turned into a girl” gimmick? The world will surely never know.
  • I swear to god if I see another goddamn holographic triangle in this goddamn city
  • He’s lost? You’d think an MMO would give you a map, or perhaps some markers and an indicator to guide you to the right places in order to get started, but nooooo, we couldn’t think of a better way for him to conveniently run into Sinon.
  • This is what I don’t like about how the series has been set up so far. This encounter would have worked so much better if I didn’t know about Sinon. In fact, this entire episode would have worked better if the previous two did not happen so early. I’ll explain as this goes along.
  • Example #1: Kiriko worrying about Sinon thinking that he’s hitting on her. In a better executed anime this would mirror that one moment where the guy in episode 2 was hitting on Sinon, but the differences in both behavior and mannerisms are far too great to even begin making a comparison, so the anime fails to connect the two events and the significance of the second episode only diminishes from here.
  • When Sinon also mistakes Kiriko for a girl, there’s some sort of internal dilemma happening: does Kiriko roll with it, or correct her? I think it should make no difference. If Kiriko is already being mistaken for a girl through his normal voice, then there should be no reason to pretend to be a girl.
  • But then this shit happens.

  • If you could just hear his goddamn voice in this avatar. I get that the point of this conversion is to comment on how male-centric the gaming community is, but they’re going so far in attempting to make Kiriko into a real girl. Apparently having a girly avatar changes your speech patterns and mannerisms to the point of sounding more girly. Kiriko exhibits small behavioral patterns (outside of when he attempts to emulate a gurl) that regular Kirito would never do. Maybe I can understand voice modification for the sake of preserving the rareness of the avatar, or perhaps the show makes the point that Kirito’s only references for girl behavior are Asuna and, uh, Asuna. but there’s no way a computer program can change how you behave that drastically. Unless Kiriko’s been doing this on purpose. That’d be kind of gay.
  • Hooray, this show failed at not making it gay!
  • Maybe I’m being stuck-up about it. Maybe it’s just for laughs because Kirito is omg a gurl. That just puts the anime that much lower in my eyes, then. I didn’t appreciate it when I watched NGNL, and I’ve shied away from Akame ga Kill for the exact same reason. It’s hard to say that a show doesn’t take itself seriously when both its content and its characters are, from time to time, completely and unironically serious.
  • Can I ask what brings you to a game like this that’s dirty and stinks of oil?” I mean, sure. Yes. You can ask. Go ahead, ask. I’m waiting.
  • Also that is such an awkward translation, isn’t it? Based Crunchyshit.
  • Sinon then offers to guide him in buying items.
  • Wait a minute.
  • Two gurls buying things at a market
  • are you serious
  • are we GGO yet
  • pls
  • This place feels more like a cosplay convention than a gun shop.
  • Also feels like an AT&T store, for that matter.
  • Example #2: Explaining shit that we already know. The whole energy weapon/defensive field interaction were things that were demonstrated to us in episode 2 without the show having to outright tell us how they work. But the story thinks we’re stupid and in the dark like Kiriko is. Problem is, we learned all of this when the story was focused on Sinon, so rereading this whole exchange is a large hassle and feels like a waste of time. It’s true that these elements still have to be explained to Kirito, but the whole point of Kirito in this story is for the story to have an excuse to infodump the shit out of the audience while making the storytelling stay natural. Because we as an audience already know, this doesn’t feel natural anymore.
  • Aw, Kiriko doesn’t sport an agility build like I hoped he would, as it is mostly Strength followed by Speed. I suppose that fits with his playstyle: a brittle frontliner with tons of damage but not as much finesse as, say, Asuna before she got crushed by the plothammer.
  • Then your main weapon should be a heavy assault rifle.

  • You go, Robo Joestar.
  • You can really tell from this shot that the character designs kind of forego realism when it comes to figuring out who the important people are.
  • Example #3: Same as #2, they’re explaining the targeting system again. To be fair though, Sinon does specify that the sniper’s first shot doesn’t have a reticle attached to it, which explains how she was able to headshot the first guy but not the second. This is probably the only time where this information is valuable in explaining what happened in episode 2.
  • Robo Joestar for best SAO ’14
  • Space Dandy and Aang really let themselves go.
  • Aaaaaand he’s gone.
  • Game over.

  • Yeah, that’s right, chicken. 1v1 him, you scrub.
  • I see that our stoic Sinon’s character has been relegated to the “Explain why Kiriko is literally Jesus” brigade. At least it shows him doing this shit unlike Mahouka where all people do is talk about how awesome and sugoi Tatsuya is.
  • So Kiriko, how did you do the awesome?


  • “Well, I managed to do it by using common fucking sense. I just can’t see why anyone else isn’t able to come to the same conclusion I did!”
  • And this is likely the last time we ever see Robo Joestar for the rest of the franchise. We salute you, Robo Joestar-sama.
  • Sinon then asks about what game he used to play. To which Kiriko is reluctant to specify. If anything, I’m satisfied that Kirito is given much more of a personality here. He’s haughty and brash, yet reserved and distrustful. Since he inherently cannot trust people immediately, he does not disclose the fact that he used to be in the two-year-long death game called Sword Art Online. Points for consistency, at least.
  • To which Sinon easily picks up that he’s not being honest. On a side-note, I waaaay prefer her in casual clothing than her… combat outfit? Do I have to call it that?
  • Well, Kiriko has all this money and he’s having a rough time figuring out what to buy and he has absolutely no idea on how to spend it all when all he really wants to do is-
  • Oh, that’s an energy sword.
  • Oh boy.
  • No one uses them.

  • See, this is what I don’t like about this episode: the story has quite visibly gone back to proving Kiriko to be the strongest and coolest of them all, but the real beef I have is how the show goes about doing that. You see him leaping that fucking high during the shootout scene? You see him “anticipating those prediction lines” like anyone with common sense would? How come no one else does that? Why is it that Kirito is the only fucking soul in GGO that even considers buying an energy sword? What purpose is behind placing everything Kirito does against popular opinion, besides making everyone look like idiots once he pulls off those sick off-meta strats with so little effort? We’re back, guys. I didn’t think the show had it in itself to be this way again, but it did it anyways. *sniff* We’re finally back.
  • I see that they’re still animating the “four slashes radiating in four directions” thing with as much motivation as a sloth trying to stay awake.
  • I’ll be honest his hair should be burning right about now.
  • Kiriko is here in this shooting range because he doesn’t know what firing his new handgun feels like. He also isn’t deaf enough to be here without ear protection like a real pro does it.
  • Example #4: Still explaining shit to us that we already know like with examples 3 and 2. This time, it’s the bullet circle thing.
  • What’s that? BoB Registration ends in ten minutes? And you’re 3 kilometers away from the building? HOW COULD WE HAVE LET THIS HAPPEN!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Well shit, there’s no such thing as teleportation in GGO. Why do MMOs in SAO have to be like this? Shit, why does the story have to be like this? It’s so obvious that they’re doing this because they’re setting up another “Kirito is badass” moment and OH MY GOD HERE IT IS.
  • Again, the outfits Kiriko and Sinon are wearing clash so hard with the theme of this MMO.
  • These buggies are really hard to drive.” HUH, WHAT WAS THAT? I COULDN’T HEAR YOU OVER THE SOUND OF MY DICK IN YOUR MOUTH.


  • I’m pretty sure these two still don’t know each other’s name, even after going BFF shopping for what seems to be over 30 minutes. And now they’re riding a “difficult to handle” buggy in tandem. How do they not introduce themselves by that point? I get that strangers can talk/interact for great lengths before realizing that they have names, and this is exacerbated further in nerd culture, but come on.
  • Shit, 2k words again.

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