Spring 2014 Podcast thingermajig whatchamacallit

This is my first experience with a podcast, and I really don’t have much to say outside of that. Though the structure of the podcast sort of died down and broke into a series of tangents, I had fun talking about my thoughts on this season’s cartoons and Flawfinder’s shitty taste in anime. Also talking in this podcast is Deadlight, Zabi, Caraniel, Landon, and Slashe. My voice should be easy enough to discern (it’s the first one you hear), so enjoy that bit of information.

00:27 — Muppets — We’re Doing a Sequel

01:50 — Introductions

02:41 — Mushishi/Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

05:07 — Ping Pong

07:36 — Isshuukan Friends

14:00 — Akuma no Riddle

16:33 — Baby Steps

18:37 — Dai Shogun

20:18 — Captain Earth/Studio Bones

22:13 – Kenzen Robo Daimidaler

22:45 — Knights of Sidonia

25:30 — Mekaku Shitty Actors/Criticizing Studio Shaft

30:24 – Kamigami no Asobi

32:10 — Hitsugi no Chaika

34:34 — Mahouka/Sword Art Online

38:20 — Light Novel Adaptations/Black Bullet

40:30 — Soul Eater NOT!

42:38 — Back to Sidonia/Discussion on CG

44:55 — Nanananananana/Wixoss

45:55 — The World is Still Beautiful

48:29 — Harmonie

51:00 — Criticizing Captain Earth again

51:35 — Wrapping Things Up

52:45 — Akuma no Riddle ED – Queen


One comment

  1. > See’s podcast – “oh! this should be cool – I remember listening to these on Flawfinder’s blog before.”
    > Listens to people criticizing SHAFT and Shinbou.
    > Hear’s people talking about LN adaptations being bad.
    > Finds no No Game No Life fanboying.
    > No appreciation for Daimidaler‘s front tails expressed.


    All joking aside, this is a pretty broad (and long!) discussion, and definitely lost focus at the end. Still, there’s a lot of opinions covered here, so I’m not sure it really could have been done too much faster considering you hit ~20 or so shows here – congrats on your first podcast!

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