Monologue: Welcome to the Death Note and Clannad Club!

Hello, there! Would you be interested in joining the Death Note and Clannad Club? We are the premiere campus organization that loves everything and anything about Death Note and Clannad! Being a Death Note and Clannad fan is simple and easy when you come to our weekly Death Note and Clannad nights.

We hope that you enjoy as much as we do the wonders in animation and storytelling that Death Note and Clannad has to offer.

I used to be one of many Death Note and Clannad non-believers before I stumbled upon one of the club’s Death Note and Clannad nights, and I must say the experience changed how I view Death Note and Clannad for the rest of my life. I used to think that Death Note and Clannad was just cartoon pornography with tentacles and shit, but ever since they got me to watch it I’ve been hooked since. Death Note and Clannad is actually about melodrama, character shipping, entertainment through insane plot twists, and its ability to make me cry like a little bitch! My eyes were opened wider than the ones in Clannad. I could finally find a way to enjoy Death Note and Clannad and not be (too) guilty about it!

Our weekly meetings consist of watching Death Note and Clannad and discussing amongst ourselves the latest Death Note and Clannad news that Japan has to offer. We also don our Death Note and Clannad cosplay and go to anime conventions whenever we get the time, mostly because our attempts to establish a Death Note and Clannad convention have been fruitless and memberless for the past seven years. So, we’re sorry to say that our club activities must encompass topics outside of Death Note and Clannad. Nevertheless, it’s always good to meet with more Death Note and Clannad fans outside of this campus’s Death Note and Clannad club. Speaking of which, we also hold the great honor of being the only Death Note and Clannad club in the state! You may hear whispers of this being discriminatory amongst others, but we are very proud of this distinction.

Additionally, we do not associate ourselves with other campus clubs such as the Utena and Penguindrum club, the Naruto and Bleach club, the CG/GC club, and other branches of the Objectively Shit Taste in Anime coalition. It’s been difficult coordinating with them when they are so obviously in the wrong. I mean, it would be much easier if they understood our collective position as fans of a common medium, which by the way is Death Note and Clannad, but unfortunately their definition of Death Note and Clannad includes other anime, and we here at the Death Note and Clannad club do not condone that sort of tomfoolery. There is no other good source of entertainment in the Death Note and Clannad industry other than Death Note and Clannad. I simply do not understand why you would have to include things that aren’t Death Note and Clannad.

Though I do admit, these days being a Death Note and Clannad fan isn’t as fun anymore, now that we’ve been Death Note and Clannad fans for seven years straight. Death Note and Clannad these days just don’t have the kinds of Death Note and Clannad that we were familiar with when we started out as fans. People have been moving on and I’ve been thinking… that it’s time to start expanding our horizons a bit. Everyone else here seems to agree about the change, so we’ll be working on getting that started as fast as possible. We’ll be reforming the club into a completely different format, so that we may hold some relevance in today’s Death Note and Clannad community.

To celebrate this, our club name for next year will be the Attack on Titan and Anohana club! But fear not, Death Note and Clannad fans! Making the conversion is far easier than you think, and we swear upon our new name that you will enjoy as much as we do the wonders in animation and storytelling that Attack on Titan and Anohana has to offer!



  1. Death Note and Clannad is dead, long live Death Note and Clannad!

    1. Get your shit taste off my blog. I only accept Attack on Titan and Anohana fans around here.

        1. #sorrynotsorry

  2. Geass and Haruhi were here, Death Note and Clannad is a loser.

    1. That’s a weird way to say Steins;Gate and Madoka.

      1. Cool recency bias, bro. Try watching some of the classics sometime. Stuff like Fate/Zero and Monogatari.

        1. I bet you aren’t even a true K and Free fan.

  3. Whaaaat? And here I thought you were a person of refinement – surely you understand that Elfen Lied and K-On is the only way to go for any true fan. As a proud member of the Elfen Lied and K-On club (formerly known as the Shiki and Lucky Star club), I am appalled by your lack of taste.

    1. Sounds like you need to visit the Church of Index and Hellsing and get yourself straightened out before we even begin to discuss your deficiencies.

      1. Blasphemy! The gods of anime will smite you should you ever actually say the names of those titles in my illustrious presence.

  4. Excuse you. I’m here from the Kill la Kill and Kill la Kill only club. Kill la Kill is only the most meaningful television series in existence and Kill la Kill has saved anime from the dark ages of Death Note and Clannad. Call me when you’re willing to watch a show with REAL meaning and depth. And by that I mean Kill la Kill.

    Have I mentioned Kill la Kill? I simply cannot type 30 words without saying something about Kill la Kill. The paragraph above nearly KILLED me. la Kill.

    1. Excuse me, as much as I value your input you are dead wrong because Death Note and Clannad is the most Death Note and Clannad Death Note and Clannad in modern Death Note and Clannad history. Kill la Kill isn’t even Death Note and Clannad so why are you comparing it to Death Note and Clannad? I bet you’re not even a Death Note and Clannad fan.

  5. Aleksei Edison · · Reply

    Complacency is the mode of anime clubs. Why experiment with stuff people may not like when you can just re-watch a series that you know everyone loves(or at the very least, just you)? Trying new things is hard and requires effort, something I resent, and why my significant other resents me.

    You’ll be saying the same thing when certain anime age like a fine wine (or some cases like milk), for example: “Why does everyone just want to watch Madoka and Yuru Yuri, instead of the Japanese animated masterpiece, Superbook?” That’s not even putting words in your mouth; that’s something I said yesterday.

    It’s frustrating when your opinions and suggestion go unheeded and get buried by the popular opinion/majority vote. That’s life though, and that’s the life of an anime club in a nutshell.

    It’s like trying to draw water from a rock, you’re expecting a lot more from what you’ve got, so enjoy your pebbles, and meet new people who have a wider range of anime tastes. Considering that you live near one of the most prestigious anime conventions available in the United States, you’ve got a lot of opportunities to network.

    The hometown appeal of the anime club is nice, but lets face it: There’s a high probability that some of those people are set in their ways, or a casual.

    -From the biggest casual of them all

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