Anime Club Escapades: 02/21/2014

In a Facebook thread concerning the need to revamp the way we handle weekly meetings, we stumbled upon the idea of going to a restaurant prior to attending a meeting, so that we could have more time to socialize.

Do not mistake me for coming up with this brilliant idea on the spot, however, because this is hardly a new idea. We’ve played with the concept twice or so when we considered more outside opportunities for us to get together. That one time I headed over to the apartment for dinner and Rock Band did happen, but it wasn’t especially advertised as a club-wide activity and certainly did not invite club members to join. I just happened to be part of that circle of friends. The most likely location for us to meet would obviously be a Japanese restaurant. There used to be an issue with this type of arrangement, the biggest one being that most decent restaurants were pretty far away from campus, most requiring an express bus towards downtown. In this case, I remembered that there was a Japanese restaurant pretty close, in between my house and campus, about a mile or two away from both locations. We could easily ride our bikes there (our campus’s most prevalent crime is bike stealing, that’s how common they are around here).

I’m no stranger to socializing while eating in a (slightly more) sophisticated environment. The numerous times we’ve attended Little Tokyo have been strewn with restaurant visits around the Weller Court area, often resulting in fine dining options such as curry, ramen, Korean BBQ, specialty spicy ramen, and sushi (albeit rarely). Suffice to say, talking while eating is commonplace amongst us club members.Some discussion meandered around anime, other club members who couldn’t come (so that we could shittalk), and other such relevant discussion points. We always had something to talk about.

This meetup with prove no different when it came to waiting for food, eating said food, and other such activities. One of us actually worked here at other hours, and she was able to answer any questions we had about the food, the biggest piece of advice being that the food portions were pretty huge for some of the options. I had ordered omelette yakisoba for myself, in this case. It was pretty fucking delicious, by the way, even though I had not expected them to put a layer of mayonnaise on it. I really should have. Either way, it was good enough to warrant me going again for another time.

Predictably, the discussion for the night was 100% Twitch Plays Pokemon and other Pokemon related topics, mostly diverging into either favorite pokemon or competitive play. Madarame-sempai was part of our group, and was quite insistent in telling us his opinions on the metagame. Some of us were able to roll with his punches, but most of us chose to talk about other things instead. Mostly how stupidly addictingly fun it is to watch Twitch Plays Pokemon in small bursts/consistently.

I think the biggest thing to come out of this event was how easy it was to organize it between 12 people who simply wanted to eat dinner with each other. At least, I think we wanted to eat with each other. I would never ask anyone outright their specific reasons for attending, even though I know I should, but their presence tells me enough: I should do more of these kinds of events. They serve as a great excuse to come out and talk to other people about the week and about recent anime. In my case, I finally got the chance to talk to real people about how I started watching SAO because of an online friend’s request, and how disappointed I was in Nobunagun, and how PuPiPo! is simply the most kawaii desu~ of all time.


  • but seriously though im up to episode 4 and SAO a shit
  • “The Black Swordsman” more like “Lets Put Silica In Sexually Compromising Positions And Also Tentacles”
  • more like “This Isn’t Even My Final Black Swordsman Form”
  • I considered writing something about how we actually organized a anime club cooking event last week, but now that I’ve written something more recent…

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