Anime Club Escapades: 1/10/2014 – 1/17/2014

What legacy am I trying to fulfill by taking this position? What purpose do I have yet to discover about myself, hidden somewhere in between watching episodes silently in a room barely filled with fifteen people, that justifies increasing that number of people to twenty, perhaps thirty people? And how the fuck can I tap into that for practical purposes like, say, actually getting more members? Why I a shit?

These are questions that I still ask myself despite having asked them in the beginning of my term as anime club president. I have not actually acted upon any of the promises that I made for changing up the club, much like any other president would turn out to be (ignorant political humor, ho!). What’s mostly been done, really, is the fact that we expanded our selection of anime towards series that are already finished. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a great accomplishment that I’ve contributed to the club. No more relying on current season anime to drive entertainment, because there would have been no guarantee as to whether or not any show that season would be good. I need not tell you how terribly Winter 2013 ended up because we were forced to watch stuff like Maouyuu Maou Yuusha, The Unlimited, and Kotoura-san.

I kind of lied, actually. I did try out a couple different things.

That Halloween party, for starters. It was a lot less populous than I was expecting, and most people brought chips and shit rather than anything more substantial (aside from a small batch of the most heavenly brownies to ever slide down my throat), but taking a break from the schedule to watch some Shiki was… fulfilling in a way. It brought up the excuse for people to start meeting up on different occasions to actually finish the series (we haven’t finished it yet), as well as set a bit of precedence about what should happen with Halloween parties.

Movie nights are also now A Thing, even though we actually started them when Madarame-senpai was still president. By the way, he’s still around… lurking as a fifth-year because he doesn’t have enough credits. We call those kinds of people “super seniors” because of the obvious assumption that most people graduate after four years of college. Getting back to the point, we do have a large selection of anime movies that people still haven’t watched yet, and a lot of movies that I have yet to watch too. We ended up watching Mind Game, by the way. While it may not be my favorite Masaaki Yuasa work, it was enough (read: exceedingly more than enough) to make everyone in the room go “wtf” for about an hour and forty-five minutes. That running sequence at the end was fucking dope, though.

One thing I plan on doing in the near future is a small gift exchange centered around Valentine’s Day and White Day, because believe it or not we get our fair share of female members over at our dinghy, sweaty anime club. There’s also a small group of legitimate fujoshi. That will be a good subject to touch upon at a later time.

Perhaps I was naive to think that everthing would go as planned, and that everyone would agree with the way we organize, represent, and handle the anime club. That people wouldn’t mind that we are nothing but dorks with a projector and a massive sense of entitlement. It hurts my confidence a bit, thinking about it. I really shouldn’t have expected these things to magically resolve themselves within a single quarter. Hell, I don’t even know if I will have the motivation to actually change things in the drastic measures that I am imagining right now. What I do know, however, is that when we plan little events like the Halloween Party, the off-meeting viewing parties, and the movie nights, people still rely on us to entertain them for one night every week.

Additionally, we get new people to join us every time we organize the Little Tokyo Trip. This time, we have the fortune (misfortune?) (Miss Fortune?) to watch the Anohana movie down in LA too. I have my ticket for this weekend and I’m stoked for it. I will try to remember to take pictures and shit. Not only of the movie, but of the district. There’s a lot to be explored there and there’s a reason why we go there every quarter as a club.


  1. Our lineup for this quarter is Baccano!, Azumanga Daioh, Kaiba, Girls und Panzer, and Space Dandy.
  2. Winter 2014 is kind of meh, isn’t it? Just like every other Winter before it?


  1. Actually, I was pleasantly surprised by how solid the winter line-up is this time around. ‘Meh’ was my first reaction just by looking at the charts too, but now that I’m actually watching, I can see there’s a pretty decent showing here.

    1. Space Dandy and Tonari no Seki-kun are the only shows this season that I’m actively interested in seeing succeed. Everything else I’m watching is mostly to either enjoy it with significantly lowered expectations (Chew2, Nobunagun) or nitpick at all the things I don’t like about it (Noragami, Koiuta).

      Decent might be the more accurate term, but when comparing this to the likes of Asukara and Samflam (and possibly KLK once I get into it), I feel a sense of lacking from this season.

      1. It’s true, there are no ground-breaking shows or huge surprises this season. I’m glad for the consistency though – it’s been a while since we’ve seen so much of that, I think.

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