On the Seventh Day of Anime: Premades full of Anniebloggers (League of Legends)

Things I do on the internet:

  • Twitter.
  • Skype.
  • Watch anime.
  • Blog about it.
  • Play League of Legends.


such boring

I began playing LoL at the beginning of 2011, back when season 1 was still live and long before I ever thought of starting up a blog. It became a big part of my late high school life and still affects me to this day. Yet even in my days as a fledgling blogger (I still am), I had never imagined that I’d end up playing this game with people whose content I read. People I respect. 2013 was a year in discovering that all these things I do on the internet, all these things that I’ve been using individually for the most part, can be integrated and enjoyed in the company of others. I’ve communicated to people via text using the likes of message boards and IMs in the past, and still happens to be my primary form of communication on the internet. I had gotten used to not having to speak with people, not having to worry about the pressure of conversation in real time, and felt as if I could live with the fact that I never speak to people on a daily basis. But in recent months I’ve started to question how much of this is actually true.

My venture into aniblogger LoL started sometime last year, when E Minor was looking for people within his readership to play with him and his fellow (read: former) writers. It was also at around this time, I think, that Illegenes was just beginning to play as well. I’ve used LoL as a device to stay in touch with high school friends, much like how I used to use Facebook before it and my social life went to shit during college. That, combined with voice chat, can really enhance both the experience of playing LoL and getting in touch with old friends again. In this case, I’m making some new connections.

Fast forward to September this year. Not only do I start playing with the likes of Gallifreyians, Emily, and Erick a.k.a. krizzlybear (plus a bunch of other people I don’t know personally), but I also start chatting with them over Skype. As it gets confusing referring to our blog personas or summoner names, we’ve just sort of started  addressing each other by our real names. For someone who has so much difficulty just interacting with people in real life, having this sort of connection has simply been wonderful. Amazing, even. I can think of a Zilean reasons why I’m glad that I joined up with the rest of them. You’d have to Ashe me about them, though. Wouldn’t want to do too much in Vayne.

And thinking about it now, this is starting to sound a lot more lonely than I wanted it to be. I am in constant contact with my college buddies as well, who also play. Hell, there’s even a LoL club on campus. But having this sort of connection with anibloggers, people I was not expecting to know intimately and even hold a vocal conversation with, comes as a surprise.


  1. I know a handful of you out there also play. Josh, I’m looking directly at you.

One comment

  1. Bromodachi, let’s Asobi ni Iku yo! it up.

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