Oh, okay. (Liebster Award)

I’ve never done a metablogging thingy before. pls be gentle.

My personal thanks to Artemis over at Otaku Lounge for starting this with us.


The Liebster award is intended to give some exposure to small blogs with less than 200 followers. The rules are as follows:

  1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you
  2. Answer the 11 questions given to you by the blogger who nominated you
  3. Nominate 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers
  4. Go to the blogs you nominated and notify them of your nomination
  5. Give your nominees 11 questions to answer.

My 11 questions as provided by Artemis:

1. When did you first start blogging, and do you realistically see yourself still blogging in, say, 10 years from now?

Last year, at around this time! I joined specifically at the moment where the 12 Days of Anime project was starting up, and figured that would be a good time to put myself out there. I can see myself blogging for a few years, but ten? That wholly depends on how the internet shifts and my priorities in the future. I may have a long-hours job where thinking about blog posts would be too stressful, as I’m not particularly in my disposition to write freely. It just depends.

2. Describe your favourite favorite country in the world in 3 words.

Superior American spelling.

3. You have to pick one country in which to live for the rest of your life, but it can’t be a country you’ve already lived in before, or Japan, where do you choose and why?

It’d have to be somewhere with a gigantic forest/mountain range, like the Sequoia National Forest in my home state California. Maybe some nation in Europe? Or a southeast Asian country?

Or perhaps I could go to Vietnam, learn the language of my heritage, eat the strangest shit without batting an eye, and such other. Also, all the pho I can eat forever.

4. White, milk, or dark chocolate?


The darker, the better. I am the 90% cacao master race. This is quite funny to me considering I was the biggest proponent of white chocolate until a couple years ago.

5. What was the first television series (anime or otherwise) you ever fell in love with? Nostalgic merits aside, do you still love it today?

This is a peculiar question to me. I have favorites, and I have a clear list of top anime, but I never considered myself falling in love with any show. What does that entail? That I obsess over characters? Perhaps gush over story structure and thematic elements? Do I buy related merchandise or cosplay to it? Or is it just that feeling where you cannot wait for next week’s episode to happen?

I remember feeling a lot of things when watching Cardcaptor Sakura, but that was a long time ago and I cannot remember much about what happened. Maybe this warrants me actually watching the entire series. Eventually.

6. What’s been the single best and worst television series (again, anime or not) of 2013 so far?

Technically, Shinsekai Yori first aired in Fall 2012, but since it ended in Winter I can safely say that it is the best anime of 2013.

On the other side of the spectrum, I’d have to give the Worst Anime I’ve Watched of 2013 award to Maoyuu Maou Yuusha for mercilessly destroying my expectations. On an unrelated note, Kotoura-san has the worst OP by far.

7. If you could have any one superpower, what would it be?

Telekinesis, so that I can have access to a lot of specific superpowers, like manipulating the elements, moving objects, and flying.

8. What did you want to be when you grew up, and would you still do that if you could?

I wanted to be a dentist. I like to keep my options open, but I’m terrible at medical academics.

9. Do/did you play any sports?

Let’s see… I played little league baseball for a bit. Then I joined my high school’s speech and debate team. And League of Legends counts because it’s an e-sport.


10. Have you ever spent more than a couple of days in the hospital?

No, the closest I’ve ever gotten to a hospital was a long time ago when I had the Stomachache of the Gods and my paranoid extended family was dumb enough to send me to the ER. This was such a long time ago, and it was also in Canada, so it was too cold for me to remember fondly.

But those bareass aprons, though.

11. In a world without internet, how would you probably spend the majority of your free time?

Cooking and baking, probably. While drinking expensive tea. It would certainly suck to not have internet for the recipes, but I can always learn from books. Besides, I can already make decent chicken curry. And maybe some other cheap dishes as well. LOL college.


Atelier Emily – Infinitely more eloquent with the English language than I, Emily articulates her burgeoning appreciation towards the denser anime with such grace and love. All I can really do is continue reading all this perfection with the burning envy of a thousand suns.

A Garden of Words – Erick is also quite talented in the art of word. Plays duo botlane with his waifu Emily, both of whom I have the pleasure of playing with in League of Legends. Even if I’m Super Fucking Jealous of all this, he’s a great writer and needs more publicity.

Fantastic Memes – He’s that guy. You know, the kind of person that all those trashy harem/ecchi anime are pandering to. Despite this, Frog-kun is always eager to discuss anime and his undying curiosity towards the behavior of the anime community is nothing short of commendable. He also keeps linking to my posts without permission and i-it’s not like I want him to do that all the time or anything. 5evr.

Chromatic Aberration Everywhere – Josh is my anibro and I’m surprised that he managed to get Rebecca, his girlfriend, to guest post at times or perhaps post a lot. He doesn’t quite straddle his anifaggotry as much as Frog-kun does, but he treats it just as seriously and it translates well into his writing.

Isn’t It Electrifying? – A writing quartet between Illegenes, Wendeego, Gallifreyians, and Vestenet, all laden with their own personal tastes, carrying over into how colorful their content becomes. I also play LoL with Illegenes and Gallifreyians, if that’s supposed to be indicative of anything.

Standing On My Neck – Anyone with the courage to post a nude of himself on the internet deserves all the recognition. Aside from that, Mr. Flawfinder keeps up an active and heavily opinionated dialogue when it comes to his blog, living up to his name in finding the flaws with each anime he watches. I don’t agree with everything he writes, but I do admire his unapologetic stance.

Deadlight’s Anime Blog – I’m Deadlight’s waifu apparently. As such, it is my duty to link him to this activity. I wonder if he’ll notice me. kyaa kyaa uguu~.

Too Old For Anime – Consistency and scheduling is a huge weakness on my part as a blogger, so I’m always impressed by the dedication of episodic blogs such as this one.

JoJo’s Bizarre Blog – Ganymede Elegy is still pretty new to the whole blogging thing, but what he’s written is a great start and thoroughly illustrates what he values in anime. He’s also put me on his blogroll for some odd reason and I’m not sure what I did to deserve that, but I guess that’s okay.

SatchiiKoma – Seven parts wacko, eleven parts HOT BLOOD~, and twelve parts Acceptable Taste, BokuSatchii does not fail to entertain. One of the first blogs I encountered when I was just starting up.

Offshore Anime – The not-yet forgotten anibro, starting from a comment thread about rape culture in Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun and progressing towards us creating our own blogs, windyturnip has a lot of fascinating angles of which to view anime, as his focus is primarily sociology and politics. Unfortunately, he’s not so active anymore, but I do wish that he pick back up someday.

My 11 questions for said blog nominations:

1. How much interest do you hold towards foreign countries, excluding Japan? When given the opportunity, would you like to move to one of them?

2. Think about a Mary Sue/Gary Stu crafted in your image. What would not change between you and your ideal?

3. Consolefag, PCfag, or CandyCrushfag?

4. What’s your favorite kind of noodle?

5. Have you ever watched anime in a group larger than one? If so, how does it compare to when you watch anime alone?

6. What songs in your current playlist are you not necessarily proud of?

7. Suppose a “____ Note” came into your possession. What would it be, and what would you do with it?

8. What does it mean when you love an anime?

9.  How optimistic are you about your future?

10. What is a positive and negative impact that your schooling/campus life has contributed to your personality?

11. Do you prefer chests or booty? Or are you fine with plunderin’ both?


  1. I would have included Marow if he didn’t have over 200 followers and is therefore a filthy casual.


  1. Your answer to number 2 cracked me up.


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  3. […] Josh and I were nominated by Appropriant over at Perpetual Morning for the Liebster award! We’re both quite excited and appreciative of this honor and would […]

  4. Thanks for the nom! I normally don’t follow through on these sorts of thing on my own blog, nor do I have any sort of platform that would be appropriate to responding to these things, but the least I can do is answer these questions for you!

    1. How much interest do you hold towards foreign countries, excluding Japan? When given the opportunity, would you like to move to one of them?

    I hold a lot of interests in particular countries that have their own interesting histories and municipal landmarks. Examples that come to mind are China and France, but I have to admit it’s only for travel purposes only. I can’t see myself living anywhere but Canada.

    2. Think about a Mary Sue/Gary Stu crafted in your image. What would not change between you and your ideal?

    The idealism and passion/emotion. I’m sure that perfect people can be perfectly passionate about something.

    3. Consolefag, PCfag, or CandyCrushfag?

    I don’t really know. I play whatever I like at the time. One day I’ll be doing ranked queues for hours at a time, the next I’ll be spending just as long breeding pokemon eggs. I just like playing vidya, period.

    4. What’s your favorite kind of noodle?

    Really thick hofan noodles.

    5. Have you ever watched anime in a group larger than one? If so, how does it compare to when you watch anime alone?

    When I was part of my university anime club, we’d watch shows all the time, and the experience was even more fulfilling when I became president for a year. I’m hardly ever alone while watching anime, but the difference between being in person and online is markedly different. I definitely prefer the former.

    6. What songs in your current playlist are you not necessarily proud of?

    Anything with Celine Dion in it, which is pretty much her entire recent album Loved Me Back to Life, but that would imply that I’m not proud of it. I’m not not proud of it either, I just like music and that’s pretty much it!

    7. Suppose a “____ Note” came into your possession. What would it be, and what would you do with it?

    League Note? Like, you’d write something down, and it happens on the Rift. First thing I would write would be Janna rank 1 Q baron steal- oh wait. That was pretty awesome, I guess I don’t need one.

    8. What does it mean when you love an anime?

    It means that the anime spoke to me on some personal emotional level, but at the same time, it appealed to my sensibilities as a lover of fiction and writing fiction. Structure is super important, but I love it when specific concepts are explored through story and through characters. It’s the reason why I love something as eventful as Uchoten but can also love something as freeform as Yuyushiki.

    9. How optimistic are you about your future?

    Very optimistic. The future is scary, but I’m full of confidence because I have a wonderful support network and partner. She is my strength, I love her so much!

    10. What is a positive and negative impact that your schooling/campus life has contributed to your personality?

    I’m quite far removed from school, but if there’s anything that has somewhat lingered since university, it’s how I have tendencies to shut myself out from social interaction. Those things are important, regardless of whether you’re introverted or extroverted, so I’m really glad that the nature of my current job sorta forces me to talk to other people on a regular basis.

    11. Do you prefer chests or booty? Or are you fine with plunderin’ both?


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  6. So I’m “that guy”, huh? You think I only watch anime for cute girls with big breasts? What if I told you I WAS a cute girl in real life, huh? With big breasts? WHAT THEN, HUH?

    In any case, I didn’t know I was nominated by you. Thank you, it really means a lot to me. I should get to writing a response post to this sometime. And I’ll keep linking to your posts 5eva if that’s what you want ;)

    1. That’s in part because I’m terrible at this whole “informing people individually” business. The ones who did respond are the ones who bother to read my blog in the first place. So nyeh.

      It’s not like you don’t have a metric fuckton of these questions in your inbox already.

      1. Ah, I see. I didn’t know about that. The only person who has contacted me directly is Artemis, and since these Liebster Awards posts seem to have been done while I was away from blogging, I don’t really know about who’s nominated who and whatnot. Guess I have a lot of catching up to do. I still haven’t read your 12 Days posts, for instance, or those of a number of other bloggers whom I follow. Man, this was a busy time of the year for you bloggers.

  7. […] by a number of bloggers, so I decided to pick out my favourite questions asked by Artemis, Appropriant and Josh. I was also nominated for the ABC awards by TheSubtleDoctor and purpleblizzard but I […]

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