6 Things I’ve been doing at camp instead of aniblogging

1. Not playing League of Legends. I played Aatrox on a friend’s account for a bit before I left for the hills and he was pretty cool. I can’t wait to play with all the people I’ve met up here who also play LoL. Hell, we can make a whole 5-man team with camp staff. Helps me be in contact with them and be awesome and stuff. And I can jungle to my heart’s content.

2. Being outside in the Sequoia Forest and at high altitudes. The air is quite fresh when you aren’t near one of those porto-potties. Or the dumpster for that matter. Despite having minimal internet access and one afternoon off a week, being here at camp has taken my mind off of college and the anisphere by occupying my time with hikes, water sports, and guns ohgod all of the guns.

3. Figuring out that my coworkers have very little interest in the anime I have to offer. Many of them have never watched Cowboy Bebop before, which now does not surprise me. Some of these kids weren’t even born when it came out in 1998, so chew on that for a while. I’ve gotten a few people invested in Steins;Gate and Ano Hana, though, so maybe that’s a small victory.

In other news, I’m up to episode 13 of Eureka Seven and I can’t stop comparing it to Xam’d: Lost Memories because I watched that one first. I get that there’s key differences, but I can’t stop what’s going on in my head every time I boot up another episode. E7’s pretty good so far, regardless.

I also marathoned Kaiba and what the fuck did I just watch.

4. Playing Magic: The Gathering all day every day. There’s currently an inter-staff draft tournament using the new Ravnica sets and I managed to craft myself a nice Grixis deck that’s apparently beating everyone. Of course, because of club activities and such, I only really play Magic when I’m up here. Maybe I should attend more FNM sessions.

5. I am finally living my childhood dream as a dentist… in a campfire skit. With a hand drill.

6. Resisting kids’ attempts to pigeonhole me into the common Asian stereotypes. I had no idea of this prior to coming up to camp, but I apparently look like Ken Jeong, mostly known for his role as Leslie Chao from The Hangover and Senor Chang from Community. Kids constantly ask me whether I want to be locked in a trunk, own a monkey, or speak Spanish. I also get the most hilarious and unintentionally racist questions such as “Are you Chinese or are you asian?”

no photos pls



  1. Your drill is the drill that will pierce their cavities!

    Speaking of which, Gurren Lagann was in various my gateway anime, and perhaps my suggested recommendation to the rest who weren’t interested in Cowboy Bebop, Steins;Gate, and Ano Hana.

    “Are you Chinese or are you asian?”
    Suggested answer: “Yes.”

    1. It’s fun figuring out what gets a person hooked onto anime. My case was Sayonara, Zetsubou Sensei, so I always ask myself whether or not the things I like will necessarily make an impression with the rest. I’ve shown Baccano! before, but that was last year and I don’t feel like showing it again. Gurren Lagann is something I’ll consider too. I’ve entertained the thought of showing Fate/Zero to my DnD campaign, as well as giving Soul Eater a try. There’s still a lot of opportunities to share what I have with them.

      you should totally make a post on your blog pls

  2. lololol “Are you Chinese or are you asian?”. That’s such a great line.

    Hm. I’ve found that Neon Genesis Evangelion or Death Note also work quite well as gateway anime. Regardless: sugoi bro, sugoi.

    “Playing Magic: The Gathering all day every day.”
    Fuck yea. Although I’m surprised your Grixis is doing so well – are you guys including the entire Ravnica block? I’d expect Naya Humans to be stomping.

    1. Sometimes it’s an issue with finding the gateway anime, others it’s figuring out how to steer them away from the likes of Sword Art Online and the shounen Big Three. Rest assured, I’m still in the process of assimilating these plebians into our ranks.

      Not a lot of people here are proficient in playing Magic. There’s some people playing Boros, maybe one person playing Gruul, and a lot of people playing Selesnya. However, no one has bothered combining all of them like I currently am with Izzet and Rakdos (couldn’t acquire enough Dimir cards to justify their inclusion). That’s probably why I have the edge in this tournament.

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