If you’re wondering why I haven’t been updating…

To be perfectly honest, I’ve had a couple opportunities to post some meaningful stuff in relation to both “Operation: My Favorite Things” as well as Anime Club Escapades, but rapid changes to both my study schedule and a campus-wide League of Legends Tournament ended up with me rethinking my priorities. Sadly, this blog ended up on the wayside.

That aside, the main point of this rather brief post is to inform any of you anxious and shy readers out there the entirety of my posting schedule for the next three months. Which is to say, I don’t have one. I’m going to be working at a summer camp for seven weeks starting next week, and I’m not only going to be busy as hell but also I’m going to have limited access to internet. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to squeeze in a post or two for the entirety of my employment. The posts will most likely be composed of my absolute rage that I have not seen the last three episodes of EVERYTHING IMAGINABLE this season (since I’m off next week), as well as me trying to impose my superior taste in anime to my fellow staff. I expect nothing less than great success in this regard.

I may be able to squeeze in a post or two before I leave for the summer.

That’s all I have to say on this matter.



  1. Thankfully, I get to enjoy my summer and have internet access. Still, I know the feeling of being behind on every show. It sucks.

    1. Thankfully, I get to enjoy my summer and have internet access.


  2. The Kenosha Kid · · Reply

    I was gonna say something, but it’ll probably take me some time to get my thoughts together. I’ll reply in a week or so.

    Seriously, though, that sorta sucks. Especially that awful behind-on-everything feeling. (It’s even better when you come back to find out that somehow everything you were watching is either over or at least has changed completely while you were gone.) Though hopefully your summer camp stuff is fun!

    1. It was precisely like this last year when I had to catch up with Sakamichi no Apollon, Tsuritama, and Hyouka immediately after camp was over.

      Thankfully I have my absence to thank when it comes to dodging the collective shitfest during Apollon’s eleventh episode, so that probably is the reason why I like the show so much as opposed to people who fell into the rage machine.

      1. Wait, there was rage during that episode?

        1. No one I observed really appreciated what happened to Sentaro in that episode. iirc it was along the lines of “wtf that’s so unrealistic you’ve ruined my enjoyment forever”.

  3. A summer with limited internet access? HOW CAN YOU SURVIVE?!

    In all seriousness though, best of luck – with both summer camp + the binge-fest afterwards.

    1. If I’ve done it for the past four years I can do it again.

      Though this one’s my last time. Afterwards I can finally chase my lifelong dream of blogging shitty anime over the summer with my nakama!

  4. Aleksei Edison · · Reply

    That’s a long time to be down and out, but as it’s personal business what can you do? I’ll enjoy all the central air I can handle and stay up to date on anime, mostly in memorandum of you. Oh and the pleasure of being on the internet, that’s always a plus when choosing to remain in civilization.

    1. To be fair, mountain top forest air is pretty fantastic to breathe in so sux to be you.

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