Anime Club Escapades: 2/22/2013

All is well and good when some cares enough about anime club to offer suggestions about how it should be run. I mentioned before about a particular woman who cares quite a bit about the representation of women in anime, and that our current lineup wasn’t gelling quite right. Since I’ve known her for a while, I figured that it would not be such a huge setback to oblige and find new stuff to show, even though it’s pretty much halfway through the year by this point. I had few problems with this very notion. Freddie, Haro, and Tomoe-san also did not have a problem changing up the schedule to favor older anime. The one problem we had, if we were to fulfill this to the end that she wanted, was dealing with the president. Because fuckall if the president starts talking about what kinds of anime people might like best.

GJ-bu Episode 01: Spiderbro only wanted to make your shitty anime interesting.

I had become lax and unaware because of the president’s bout of inactivity in the first half of Winter quarter, but this recent debacle has rekindled his apparent interest in actually doing stuff as the club president. Not that there’s anything inherently bad in a president wanting to do president stuff, because that’s technically what a president is supposed to do. In fact, in most cases you would want a club president to be as active about their own club as possible. For us lesser staffies, however, it’s not a good thing. That’s because none of us like his tastes in anime.

Allow me to put this into perspective. Every week we occasionally get on Facebook and discuss what should be shown next in club (because that’s, like, important mang). Also keep in mind that at this point we’re still constrained into watching things from the current season. For the majority of this quarter, Madarame-sempai has stayed out of the decision-making process because he’s been super-busy with schoolwork and the like. Since it’s his fourth year probably going into his fifth, shit’s kinda important right around his time. Now that the one lady starts complaining to us about how much our lineup sucks, he finds some inspiration to involve himself more in deciding what ends up on screen. To come extent, when someone in a position as important as the club president starts deciding things, you’d think that given his position and his experience in the club he would know precisely what the audience would like, right? …Right?

Wrong. First thing he suggests is to start GJ-bu and continue with Kotoura-san.

Kotoura-san Episode 06: Man, this epilogue is even more dragged out than Return of the King- wait, episode 4 wasn’t the end? Is that why we’re still watching this? Fuck.

In the end, we must relent to these decisions because he’s the motherfucking president of the anime club, but he did get an earful out of that one lady when Kotoura-san showed up. Satisfaction of that happening aside, it boggles my mind as to how someone as old as Madarame-sempai can be so… I don’t even know how to say this without sounding mean. I completely disagree with his taste in anime. In fact, I am so against what he wants to show (others being moreso against) that we end up politely disagreeing with each other over Facebook about what shows can be constituted as good and bad for the club.

Sometimes I think he mixes up what he likes as being what the club likes. Actually, no. I was choosing shows based on that sentiment as well. However, I also have a better sense of knowing what a college audience might appreciate and I do not regret putting myself out there like that. I really do have a better sense of what might gel well with the club than Madarame-sempai thinks. Maybe it helps that I’m one of those elitist fucks that has to blog in order to keep oneself sane and not feel as foreveralone.jpg as they actually are (if you haven’t noticed I just did a pisstake at all you anibloggers out there, because face it we are elitist as all hell). You can at least commend me for putting faith in Maoyuu and Kotoura-san, right? You can at least understand why I avoided anime like Mondaiji, Cuticle Detective Inaba, and GJ-bu, right? Perhaps it only comes to this point because Winter season as a whole sucked balls, but it has become the President’s tastes against my tastes. We obviously compromised as you can see from the images in this post, but it’s still wholly frustrating how my opinions on anime are the exact opposite of his opinions.


The Tatami Galaxy Episode 01: I figured if we were trying to watch good anime, that the relevancy of this show’s premise would make it more watchable than the internet likes to believe.

How do I even explain why he likes certain shows more than others? I can’t say that it’s because he’s a dirty otaku because he’s clearly not. In fact, Tomoe-san is even more of an otaku than most anyone else in the clubroom can even begin to claim. I named him Tomoe-san because his Tomoe Mami is his waifu, and he has the pillows and the pictures on his laptop to prove it. He enjoys the shit out of fanservice anime like no other, much like Madarame does, but he at least has the awareness to know that not everyone appreciates fanservice anime. Another reason why I like having Tomoe-san around more than Madarame is because, despite his tastes in anime, he enjoys the shit out of The Tatami Galaxy. We instantly became better best friends after I found that out. The president, however… Bleh. He’s a lot less approachable that you would expect of a club president, and a lot less able to communicate with the rest of us. Our secret pet name for him is Entei because he’s so hard to get ahold of. I should totally start calling him Entei instead. That’s a terrific idea. Anyway, the main point is that even though I should know a lot more about him than I do now it’s kinda difficult when he makes it all awkward and stuff.

[Commie] JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - 15 [3EAD26EB].mkv_snapshot_11.14_[2013.02.23_15.30.26]

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Episode 15: Wammu dubstep best dubstep.

Well, complaining about how much my president’s tastes in anime suck balls is going nowhere because we already compromised on an order that keeps us (somewhat) satisfied: reserve the first two shows for the current season, and have three slots for past shows that we can keep showing for the rest of the year. As much as I preach that we must take the opinions of the audience into account, it’s become a battle between ourselves in the staff against the club president. I actually think right now that the anime club doesn’t give much of a shit what we end up watching as long as we stay consistent. If there’s anything implying that we’re on bad terms with the president, there isn’t. We’re all friends at the end of the day because it’s tough to hate one of the few people on campus who bother to come to anime club as much as they can. It also helps that we’ve known each other for at least a year by now so we know exactly what set of tastes belong to who (I’m the resident elitist btw). I really should be happy that I at least got three-fifths of what I wanted, but it’s hard to ignore that I fundamentally disagree with my authority figure on almost everything.

Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu? Episode 03: Pout and be cryptic… that will totally get a military nut with no romantic sense to notice your impeccable taste in swimwear!


  1. ololol it now occurs to me that we pulled a three-fifths compromise. thatsracist.gif
  2. Was changing the schedule worth shutting the girl up? I honestly don’t know. Her rants were half constructive criticism against what we were showing and half bitterness that we weren’t evening out the playing field with equally sexualized material aimed towards fujoshi. It’s good advice, but it comes from a bad motivation.
  3. Nothing interesting happened on March 1st, so I’ll do some filler when I get the chance.


  1. Some people go to the movies and enjoy a good film.
    Some people go to the movies and think deeply about the film.
    Some people go to the movies and don’t give a shit about the film. MOAR BEWBS!

    PS: Not really elitism, but more about being in a community?

    1. It’s such a luxury to ponder why people go to my dinghy little anime club.

      Community? Something to that effect. Attaching a face and personality to someone’s opinions about anime certainly makes it harder to discuss things at a level tone, so naturally it ends up moving onto the internet. What I do find in this, however, is that the online community is a lot more… jaded about anime, I guess? I certainly have more similarities with bloggers than my real life friends when it comes to that upper echelon of anime that’s considered “good”. I also know that the online community isn’t nearly as elitist as I claim it is, now that I think about all the different types of people I have encountered. It’s still pretty elitist for an anime community, though.

      Seriously, why wouldn’t it be? Considering most bloggers I follow are either scrambling over college finals or struggling with life after education, you’d think that more people from my anime club would care/know a bit more about what we end up watching. Or maybe they’re too shy to speak up. I suppose that’s also a reason why I don’t see them on these parts of the internet, either.

      1. I guess this is the strength of the written word over oral discourse. It favors critical thinking and allows for reflexion time.

        Plus, we can’t access our friends “about” page, check out their previous articles and engage them behind the safety of our computer screen. This makes knowing someone IRL… different? More difficult maybe?

        Or maybe they just have better things to do than comment all day long on anime blogs ;)

  2. “Sometimes I think he mixes up what he likes as being what the club likes.”
    Such a hard thing – figuring out what people like vs. what you like, and how representative you are of said people. I think you’re method, of choosing a nice mixture between what you’d like and how representative you are of other people, is a good one, because going the complete “what would people like to see?” direction can totally fail if you go about it the wrong way.
    Also your President’s tastes in anime suck balls – you should start to overrule him more often :P

    “Maybe it helps that I’m one of those elitist fucks that has to blog in order to keep oneself sane …”
    Well done. *slow applause*

    How did Tatami Galaxy end up going, by the way? I watched that last year with the anime club (I keep saying that, but it pretty much means 2 people) here, and I loved it. I gotta say that the wall of text really made it hard for one of the other guys to keep up though.

    ” I actually think right now that the anime club doesn’t give much of a shit what we end up watching as long as we stay consistent. ”
    How did this sentiment end up playing out?

    1. I get the sinking feeling that Tatami Galaxy is getting the 3deep5me treatment from most of the audience. I mean, it’s entertaining and weird and all (and also happens to be one of my favorites) but we made the mistake of showing two episodes in a row and that went well.

      That sentiment of mine is both unsubstantiated and unresearched. A product of authoritarian guesstimation and a dainty fear of having to talk to people about their potentially destructive opinions. So, in other words, I have no idea how it’s playing out other than the fact that the status quo is at least not scaring too many people away.

  3. […] in question and join the online aniblogging community. But then, he realizes how well-informed and mega-elitist anime bloggers are with all their “facts” and good arguments and such, and so tries to become more […]

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