Anime Resolutions for 2013

Ever since I discovered the awesome power of torrents sometime within the last year or so, I’ve been in a rush to download a lot of anime that I’ve been rather interested in watching. The problem is that I’ve been so invested in just downloading these things that it’s only increased my backlog without any progress whatsoever. Some of these series are ones that I immediately regret not watching, others pass as either things people rave about or things of personal interest. So I figured, if I make a list of all the stuff I still need to watch (that are present on my computer), maybe I can actually start watching them in a timely manner, on top of whatever I’m still watching that’s currently airing.

I shall endeavor to watch one of the following anime bi-monthly/monthly/once every two months:

Seto no Hanayome

All the clips I’ve seen of it are pretty frickin’ funny, but I’ve never taken the time to watch the entire thing.


Freddie keeps telling me that it’s a great series, complete with Iwasaki Taku OST. I would have been sold on that alone, but nooooo~, they have to have people fighting to the death over the silliest things too. I’ve already started watching Ben-To, so we’ll see how this goes. Cheers, people.

Euruka Seven

People compare Xam’d to this anime, and I liked Xam’d so maybe this will be fun to watch too.


somethingesomethingsomething quality anime therefore must watch. Slice-of-life in space is also nice to think about.

The Big O

There has to be a reason they made a cameo in MGX. Aside from that, I need to watch more older anime.


Let me tell you a little secret about myself: if a show I don’t watch ends up being super popular, chances are I won’t watch it. I get suspicious of overly positive feedback when I’m not part of it, so everyone worshiping Butcher Gen each week was extremely off-putting. HOWEVER, I liked reading Fate/Stay Night (the VN, not the animu) and watching Kara no Kyoukai and Psycho-Pass, with all of them sharing aspects in staffing and style as Fate/Zero. Really, I’m just making excuses not to watch it, so I need to get this over with as soon as possible before I truly fall into never watching it, like, ever.

Honey & Clover

Both this and the sequel have been on my mind for a while by now, and I need some emergency drama every now and then. Though having starving college kids as a main cast is also a plus.

Aoi Bungaku

As much as I hated analyzing classic literature in high school, it’s something I honestly can’t stop doing with anime. These, then, should be an interesting activity to partake in.

Zettai Karen Children

Honestly, I’m not expecting this to be any good. It’s just that the spin-off coming up next season looks mildly interesting so I thought that looking at the source material would help shape my opinion a bit more fully.

Aquarion EVOL

I watched the first (and second) episode in anime club, and it was so stupid that I couldn’t stop laughing. And then they stopped showing it for some reason and I wasn’t bothered to watch the rest. From the looks of it, I should be immediately regretting not watching this while it aired. Now to see if that’s true.


I’m not liking Robotics;Notes right now (except or Frau, bless her awkward tech-savvy soul), and I’ve heard bad things about Chaos;Head, but apparently this remains to be one of the most popular shows of 2011, aside from Madoka Magica. So, I’m going to see what all the fuss is about.



  1. I always have trouble figuring out what’s worth my time when it comes to past anime. A lot of shows may seem popular during their airing, but then they fade into obscurity the week after they’re finished. If that’s the case, was it really that good to begin with? I’ve got a theory that people watch a lot of shows for the discussion rather than any real interest in the anime itself. This obviously isn’t always the case, but I generally have higher standards for older anime for just that reason.

    If an anime is really worth watching, you’ll usually see people mentioning it long past its final episode. Then again, sometimes a show just catches your eye.

    That being said, I think most of the shows on your list are worth a watch. I’ll specifically endorse Steins;Gate.

    1. I would think that notable older anime are much easier to pick out as time goes by because people have forgotten about the bad anime of the past by that point, much like how people are affected by nostalgia goggles in any other field of life. Think of how people argue about which year of anime was the best year for anime.

      My reasons for this particular lineup are in recognition of my above assumption, but it’s not a main concern. It does explain, however, why I end up liking most of the older anime I watch.

  2. Can I second S;G? Okabe just can’t be beat.
    I also enjoyed Aoi Bungaku – it was interesting. I took a particular liking to the first arc of “No Longer Human” for some odd reason, but the rest of the stories were well done.
    And I’ll be interested to see what you think of Fate/Zero, considering you’ve played through the Fate/Stay VN.

    1. Oh shit, two recommendations for S;G. I am now left with no choice in the matter.

      I don’t expect Fate/Zero and the VN to have many similarities because they’re written by two entirely different people. It might also help that I haven’t read the light novels, too, so that I’m not spoiled by the source material. But really, as long as there’s no giant CG animal whatevers I think I’ll end up liking Fate/Zero.

      1. Oh, not that they’re similar, but there are some elements that appear that are more quickly grasped if you’ve read the VN. Although they ultimately explain them in the anime too (I think).

        1. Like, pertaining to the story or the Fate universe? Because either way I think those elements would be obvious given that one is a prequel. :U

        2. Pretty much, yea. Or at least I felt that way. I might just be delusional.

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