On the Eighth Day of Anime: Some Stray Thoughts on Hyouka


It’s odd, but when I think of Hyouka I don’t think of the Kanya Festa arc. I don’t specifically think about Chii-chan and her insatiable curiosity, nor Houtarou’s insufferable stoicism, nor Mayaka’s caring and determination, nor Satoshi’s self-deprecating pleasantry. Good mysteries go as quietly as they came, feelings and motives realized in their own subtle ways. Characters are introduced, developed, and revisited. I watched it for those aspects and loved it, but it wasn’t what I remember most.

Instead, I just picture the Classics Club coming together to watch a film and have opinions about it. Because that’s us right there, behind our respective aniblogs and the anime clubs we go to: this is what defines the anisphere in general. A piece of material is presented to us, and despite us being together to watch at the same time we all have differing concerns and opinions about it. What is important to us when it comes to anime? Why is it so important? How do we respond to other interpretations? I appreciate Hyouka for framing this kind of experience in the way it did, because it reflects the reality for most of us who watch anime and blog about it on the internet.


That’s because, at the end, it’s never really about affirming your own opinions as right: we all choose to discuss media because that’s what connects us all. We agree, disagree, and argue pointlessly and tangentially at times. It is not for the purpose of claiming superiority but as a cooperative attempt to dig at the truth of the matter, regardless of how broad that statement turns out to be. It’s nice to come to terms with your own opinions and views, but what we desire and wonder is whether or not anyone else shares those same feeling you do. If they don’t, big deal. If they do, good on you. Aniblogging is as much a hive of discussion as it is a celebration of colliding interests. And we’re always ready for more when the next opportunity arises.



  1. […] the talented member (Oreki), rather than just the surrounding people in his shadow. There is no small love for Hyouka (or at least some talk of it) milling about on the anisphere as of […]

  2. oh that moment! I was fond of it due to the fact I had researched about cinematography a bit back in my uni days and Mayaka’s remarks made me connect and reminiscence. If I had to pick a moment… uhm I can’t just a single one- I really loved the series.

    1. M-meeee toooooooo~

      Mayaka is such a smart little cookie.

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