Anime Club Escapades – 11/16/2012

As an additional primer to my previous primer, we meet in a room, watch anime, and talk a lot. Usually it’s 4 episodes a night, since technically we have the room for two hours (we tested this one night and we ended up leaving the room the following morning). I’ll speak of each officer in greater detail at a later time, but I’ll give a small snippet and for privacy’s sake I’m going to give them each a pseudonym.

Madarame-sempai is the club president. Now, I said this was going to be a pseudonym, but he might as well be the real life version of Madarame from Genshiken. I have not asked how many eroges he’s played. I’d probably be better off not knowing. Current favorite anime is Kamisama Hajimemashita. We get into sorta-fights over this and Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun in terms of which is better. He also plays LoL.

Tomoe-san is technically our secretary, but he’s actually our club mascot. He’s a partial buyfag who has gone full weeaboo up in this bitch. He has erected a wall of wallscrolls in his dorm so that no one has to see his collection of dakimakuras. Oh, Tomoe Mami is his waifu. No touching. I like to think that it’s the “mammies” that compelled him to make this decision. Current favorite anime is Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai. This person also plays LoL.

Freddie is technically not an officer. He’s just been around for a while and joins us because he has nothing better to do. Well, that’s a lie. We enjoy each others’ company. Reads a ton of manga, mostly online, so he knows most of the obscure stuff. A resident Type-Moon nut and Cromartie High enthusiast, of which I named him after. Current favorite anime is Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. This person doesn’t play LoL and is now a prude.

Haro is also technically not an officer, and is the most cynical of the bunch. He’s old-school to the max, loves serious anime as much as the older campy stuff. Favorite genre is mecha, notably the Gundam franchise. Current favorite anime is Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. This person doesn’t play LoL and is also a prude.

Let’s get this started.

I have a confession to make: I prioritize production values over story in my anime. This is why Kyoto Animation is one of my favorite animation studios in regards to meeting those needs. See, I don’t watch their anime for the moemoekyun~ but when it comes to eye candy I really can’t get enough of it. Works by Makoto Shinkai also apply, the main perpetrator being 5 centimeters per second (Or, as my friend likes to call it, 5 wallpapers per second). If the animation is nice and the art not too offending, I’m likely to gloss over things like dodgy plot details and mediocre storylines. I like it even more if the art is incorporated into the story, in the symbolism sense, but on another vein I also like if the art adds to the overall style of the anime. SHAFT needs to make more good anime. So does Brains Base.

Anyway, during club this week we decided to double-feature Chuunibyou (4+5) and Tonari (6+7) because 1. We had decided to finish those two completely in club and 2. We don’t meet on Thanksgiving break. As much as the other officers and I adore Jojo’s, we assumed no one would care too much. After some deliberation we added episode 5 of Magi as per the president’s request. Given his tastes, I had a vague idea why.

“What’s showing today?” A particular regular asked me. I was in the process of writing up a “Anime Club Presents” thing on the blackboard, and it only took him a few seconds to figure out what I wrote down. “Ah, okay.”

He sort of stared at me, then back at the board, then back at me. I think his expression floundered between disappointment and the “not bad” rageface thing. I’m good at this reading faces thing. I should go pro.

“Shame. Happen to be the two shows we watch in here that I don’t like.” He shrugs, and goes to take a seat. He couldn’t see it, but I was shunning him as a nonbeliever. In my miiiiind.

I don’t hold it against him to not like certain anime. It’s just that I have no idea how to answer statements like these other than an impersonal “ok.” Well, maybe it could help if I asked what he actually liked this season when it came to anime, but I had a vague feeling as to what those anime were. His sentiment isn’t the exception; each club member has their own opinions and preferences when it comes to anime. Additionally, they have separate standards for anime. If I had to roughly estimate the types of groups, there would be three. Mostly to differentiate two extremes then a middle ground, which I like to believe I stand on.

It’s obvious when you really think about it, but there are people who prefer serious and profound anime (like what the regular wanted) and others who want the more exciting and fluffy anime. The ones who are like me have a couple of personal preferences but really don’t mind what gets shown in club, since we download these episodes beforehand anyway. Seeing this, we tried to strike a balance between seriousness and fluffiness. The genres we ended up with were comedy and shounen/shoujo, which is why we ended up with Tonari and Chuunibyou being the top two. Magi, too, came very close to this. There’s a healthy dose of things that the fluffy people can revel in while there’s enough levity and heart for the serious people to appreciate. In particular, both anime have started to become serious in the plot, which is a plus. One half now has a reason to watch the anime (even if it’s to complain endlessly) while the other half are invested enough in the characters to see them through any troubles and drama. I suppose these kinds of shows resonate with people the most because they reflect real life the most.

Oh, as an aside, here’s the audience’s reaction to Magi episode 5.


This only makes sense if you saw the episode, but that’s spoilers. Actually no. I await the day that gold chain nipple piercings turn out to be a legitimate spoiler. I will feed you my firstborn if it comes to be.



  1. That Colbert gif says it all.

    On another note: so your anime club watches mostly currently airing shows? Or is it a mix depending on the season?

    1. For the most part, it’s just currently airing shows. Prez’s orders. I’ve organized marathons of older series during the weekends, though, so both parties are happy.

      We are contemplating finishing Tonari and Chuu2koi either in club or sometime on the weekend, due to what seems to be a lack of interesting stuff for Winter. Though, next season is kind of ripe for an old-fashioned Harem Smackdown. I wonder if I’ll get enough support for that.

  2. I don’t see much to complain about with your watch list. Chuunibyou is probably one of the better anime this season if you’re looking for decent discussion. In fact, it’s probably one of the only ones out of the shows I picked up this season. That is unless you count Psycho-Pass’s pseudo-intellectual ramblings as discussion worthy.

    +1 for more SHAFT

    1. Pff, we haven’t even gone into the drama bits of Chu2 in club yet. It’s gonna be a riot.

      For all of its infodumps and flapping mouths, Psycho-Pass still has plenty of stuff for the viewer to interpret. It’s just that a good portion of people didn’t want to watch it because of the goresplosion and rape (which I’m curious as to how a shoujo ended up passing inspection).

      +1 for +1 for more SHAFT. Plusception.

      1. Psycho-Pass does have a lot to interpret, but the anime itself does nothing with it. It throws so much as the viewer, but doesn’t bother to develop its thoughts at all.

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