Primer – Anime Club Escapades

Anime clubs by concept are enticing. You like anime, and you’re surrounded by people who also like anime. Talking about anime? Count yourself in. Discuss favorites and such. Make friends and such. Enjoy yourself.

Yet, there exists clashes of interest. Opinions, man. The dorama.

For what reason should a person join an anime club? The answers vary wildly. That is because there is no correlation between us. You would think that this, since we all like anime, shouldn’t exist as an issue at all.

You may like Clannad, but that guy over there doesn’t think your tastes are hot shit. He then suggests you watch the obviously superior High School DxD. Neither of you really understand each others’ preferences.

Did you join anime club because of anime? Well, he did because he’s a hardcore otaku. See those dakimakura? The oppai mousepads? The ridiculous collection of wall scrolls? You wonder if you’re weeaboo enough to handle being in the same room as this kind of person.

There exist people who hate Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Or think that K is the best anime of the season. Others revel in the fun of lampooning anime in general. Then there’s the nostalgiafags and their 90’s anime. Not only is there fandom for anime in anime club, there’s traces of PSPs, romhacks of GBA games, Grief Syndrome, Touhou Project, guys secretly playing galges during a lecture, girls who are too ashamed to admit to playing otoges once in a while (or perhaps all the time), LoL, and other kinds of nerdstuffs. Regrettably, we’re all nerds with nowhere else to go to and nothing better to do in the end, though we bicker at each other at times, again for a lock of anything better to do. We hang out as one big group in a single room, but the minigroups of people who mingle in separate corners are more visible. Nonetheless, we manage to coexist and watch the same anime under one roof.

Anime club participation is a study of anime appreciation as much as it is a study of people with similar interests.

This is the weekly account of the quasi-underground anime club on campus. The one that meets every Friday night.

This is also a telling of my misadventures and escapades as its Vice President.

Should I complain, bicker, praise, discuss, or rage… actually, with this post series, all of the above is clearly going to be the case. No should or shouldn’t about it. Just a definite chance. I’ll speak of people, people opinions on the Chinese cartoons, people’s opinions on other people’s opinions on the Chinese Cartoons, the art of compromise, and many more as the weeks go by.

Previous accounts of the anime club from Fall quarter shall be posted here when relevant or when I have the time. Real-time updates start in January, when next quarter and the Winter anime season begins.



  1. As a former officer of my university’s anime club (“former” because I graduated, not because I quit), you officially have my attention. I look forward to seeing where this project goes.

    1. Oh you poor, poor soul.

      Many thanks for the feedback. I have a few things lined up now, and other irrelevant things. You shall now expect many greatness.

  2. And as a current one, you also have peaked my interest! :)

    1. I believe the proper term is “piqued.”

      Had to do it. Stop punching me. Stop. Stahp.

      1. Oh gosh – I’ve been had! This is also as bad as when I used “segway” instead of “segue” lol

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