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This was back when I had some trouble thinking of a name for this blog, and when I felt the need to exercise some pseudo-stream-of-consciousness bullshit. Thinking about it now, this was really embarrassing to write. Do not read, for my sake. Or you can just disregard everything, read, and then leave a comment or something.

Really, the original name for the blog didn’t turn out to be as pretentious as I originally wanted it to be.

I’ve also realized too late into production that I’ve unwittingly quoted a line from Henry David Thoreau’s Walden with the new blog title. Which is ‘k.

The first thing to explain about this blog is, obviously, the title. “The World Is Moving” doesn’t sound very original, and even at this point I’m iffy about it. There’s really no need to figure out exactly why I chose this particular phrase as a basis for a blog, but here’s a little something to confuse fascinate the shit out of you.

The world is moving, and you are but a speck. Stories have characters, settings, motivations and events, and we can observe the impacts they make on each other, and so conclude that the world is moving. Characters have conflicts, and cry or fight over them, or seek the help of the collective called humanity, or perhaps self-destruct in despair, but the world is moving. Your life may have hardship, or perhaps a day in the sun, laughing, and all of that happens even though the world is moving. No one gets caught in the gears, nor does the desire to escape ever come to fruition, for no matter what is done the world is moving.

A brief respite in the midst of destiny

Were you destined to be a part of this? Forced, perhaps? Perhaps a desire that originates from your own free will? The world is moving regardless of how you look at it. You have people who care for you, worry about you, despise you, love you, and couldn’t care less about you, and whether or not that makes you special has no impact on the fact that the world is moving. Should you have a greater purpose and decide what happens to the world, the decision between saving it and leaving it to die would indeed affect its physical state, yet the world is moving despite it. You may accelerate the world, perhaps slow it down, perhaps even stop its momentum, but that event holds relevance to the world and in the end it has indeed moved to that point.

I have a thing for imagery in animation.

Whether normal or alien, rigid or transient

You see it in the morning commute, the waves of students rushing up the hill towards their newest version of school life, the shifting clouds in the sky, the bowing reeds against a strong wind. You see advancement. It is not clear whether that advancement will be a step forward or a setback, and it is even more unclear whether humanity is unanimous in that sentiment. But to choose one or the other, or neither, merely shows that you, at this time, exist. And to exist is to keep the world moving as planned.

Now, whether you found this entire spiel full of meaning or full of unintelligible drivel does not matter, because all of your opinions fall into equal territory when under analysis. I do not deny that I am biased against certain aspects of anime, nor do I admit that I am in the right in whatever I choose to write about, but I can at least attempt to be unbiased and right. I may be dismissive about some anime, pandering hopelessly to others, and overly academic about the ones that may or may not matter. I do not pretend to be important, but do pity me when being the reigning overlord of a blog compels me to become God amongst you all, you mongrels.

To live alongside conflict or terminate it

Mostly, I’ll be me. The me that believes in myself. I write when I feel like it and what I feel like, and this blog is an opportunity to exercise both writing skill and my articulation when it comes to opinions and anime. And we all know what happens when them weeaboos start having opinions about anime.
If you haven’t noticed already, I like bridges. I like what they represent. I also not-so-subtly dropped the names of a few of my favorite anime. Bite me.


Nothing pleases a blogger more than a bit of feedback.

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